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KoozieZ.com offers Low Cost Personalized Koozies ain a number of different styles, lowest prices on web guaranteed! Order your Low Cost Personalized Koozies with us!



Keeping The Cost Low

Koozies can get expensive when thinking in terms of customization.  Here at kooziez.com we feel the pain of wanting a custom koozie just not having  enough dough well no worries we will make sure you get the koozies you want and the price you need.  So go ahead and place your order and get your koozies today!  The more koozies that you order the cheaper they become. We offer price breaks based on the quantity purchased, so again, don’t get nervous and just order your own personalized koozies.

Low Cost Koozies for Your Birthday Party

Birthday Party are a great reason to buy koozies. They are a lot of fun and people get a kick of having a koozie party favor. Once for a friend birthday I took a picture of her from when she was a little girl and put it on a green fabric koozie. She got such a kick out of it and so did everyone else at the party.

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