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Picture on a Koozie

There’s no better way to embarrass your friends and family members than by printing their photograph on a koozie!  We’re just kidding, well sort of…

It’s always a great time when you’re planning a surprise celebration to get that special someone some personalized memorabilia.  Planning the night, the meal and the drinks is only half the battle!  You’ll certainly want something to remember the party by. is super excited to now be offering photograph printing on koozies!  Through a print process known as heat sublimation, we can take any photograph in the world that you’d like to print (and believe me, we’ve seen them all!) and re-size it to print either covering the koozie or partially on one side with text on the other, etc.  Really, the possibilities are endless!

Michael Jackson Koozies

Michael Jackson Koozie

Send your photograph over to and he’ll let you know which koozie colors work best, some great font options for your text and upgrade the quality of the image so that it prints crisp and clear.  We’re excited to start working with you on your next koozie project!