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Lime Green Koozies

Lime Green Koozies

Are Lime Green Koozies Right For Me?

Lime green koozies are a unique and wonderfully bright color that are sure to add a touch of something fun to each and every situation.  Add a bit of cheer to winter loneliness and order bright green koozies for a weekend ski getaway with friends.  Thrill guests at your next pool party and order green personalized koozies for guests to keep their beverage cool and take home as a souvenir.  Going on a cruise?  Bright koozies are a fun way to keep track of whose in your party.    If you’re the type to go out and get a jog in after the sun has set, order some personalized koozies to put on your water bottle and use them as a reflection tool.  Got a friend who loves lime green?  Make her day and order koozies delivered right to her doorstep and that gorgeous bright green color.

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