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The Classic Hard Foam Koozie

The hard foam koozie is perhaps the oldest of the customized koozies dating back to when they were first introduced.  This classic hard foam style stands up on its own, has a wrap-around print area of up to 8 inches and keeps cans super cool while keeping its drinker looking super cool.  The hard foam koozie is a hit with koozie enthusiasts and lovers of anything “throw-back” or vintage.  It’s wide print area makes it an optimal choice for complex designs or those who have a lot to say.

Classic Hard Foam Koozie

Classic Hard Foam Koozie

The Foam Koozie and Me

Its vintage style makes the personalized koozie in hard foam quite popular these days! Vintage styles are, afterall, all the rage these days.  Tip your hat-off to the 70’s and order the purple koozie with teal ink, a picture of a rainbow and an open but structured font style. Salute the 80’s, go for the neon green hard foam koozies and customize koozies with hot pink pink, a picture of your favorite care bear character and a font that has hearts for the i’s. Round it up with your tribute to the 90’s, order personalized koozies in a simple black with gold ink, a picture of your zip code in a circle (a la 90210) and a fun font that looks like it would be used for graffiti.  Whatever era suits your fancy, this firm koozie style will work well for you!

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