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Lime Green Is A Great Koozie Color

Colors can have a marvelous affect on our lives.  It is incredible how different each person can feel about various shades of the color spectrum.  Give one person a red koozie and they may love it; give it to the wrong person and they may feel stressed out just seeing the color red!  Show someone a lime green koozie and 9 times out of 10 they’re bound to love it!  Check out the list below for some great uses for lime green.  Keep it in your life as much as possible to stay positive and happy all the time!

Bright Colored Koozies

Bright Colored Koozies

Top 10 Great uses for Lime Green including  but not limited to koozies

Excellent ways to incorporate lime green in your everyday life:

1. Lime green jello.

2. Personalized koozies in lime green.

3.  A lime green fiesta with koozies, Mexican beer and margaritas.

4. A pool party with floats, refreshing beverages and lime green customized koozies.

5. A collar for your dog – keep him happy too!.

6. Throw pillows add an extra splash of color to an otherwise drab living room!

7. Invite friends over after work and have lime green cocktails and drinks seved in custom koozies.

8. Order a lime green coffee cup set and start each day with this cheery color.

9. Lime green pasta bowl and strainer make cooking more fun.

10. Bathroom accents in lime green istantly brighten this small space.

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