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Where in the world are the koozies?

Kooziez love to travel. Kooziez love to party. Kooziez really love to do anything that us cool people love to do. This photo blog is dedicated to Kooziez around the world, having fun and letting it all hang loose, while at the same time selflessly keeping our drinks cold!

Why not send us your KoozieZ on Tour photos to and we will be delighted to share your koozie photo and your koozie story.

Happy Koozing!

Slip-On Bottle Koozies Keep Beer Ultra-Cold

Strapping Young Man Enjoys Ice Cold Beer from his Bottle Koozie

Strapping Young Man Enjoys Ice Cold Beer from his Bottle Koozie

There’s really nothing like the taste of an ice cold beer. And you can rest assured that a beer from one of our slip-on fabric koozies will stay ice cold for a really long time – way longer than it takes you to drink your beer!

Pop your koozie on a drawstring and hang it from your neck!

Molly with a koozie

Molly with a koozie

Hi! My name’s Molly and I wanted to send you this photo of me with my favorite koozie… I just love how handy koozies are, especially when I hang them around my neck. It means I can carry on doing whatever I was doing around the house or out and about and I always know my drink is safe and cold in my koozie. No more “darn, where did I leave my drink” moments. Discovering koozies really did change my life! 😀