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Quick Koozie Descriptions:

Collapsible Fabric Koozies – Take this style on the go! Fits 12 oz. cans and easily slips into your pocket, a great economical koozie option.

Collapsible Neoprene Koozies – Our most versatile style! A great fit for a 12 oz. can and fits snuggly around the bottom of a 12 oz. bottle, folds flat and travels well, the neoprene is always a huge it.

Hard Foam Koozies – Often referred to as the “classic”. This stand-alone style is a great option for outdoor activities and event promotions.

Zip-Up Fabric Koozies – Folds flat and fits the average glass bottle. A great option for backyard bbq’s and poolside parties. Prints well with photographs.

Zipper Neoprene Koozies – The sleek elegant style of this neoprene koozie comes with a classy ring zipper. A fantastic option for a wedding favor and a welcome addition to any bachelor/bachelorette party.

Water Bottle Koozies – The handy clip makes toting bottles a breeze! An excellent choice for fundraising and events serving a variety of beverages. Fits water bottles, glass bottles, even baby bottles!

Photograph Can – The design possibilities are limitless!  Feature the birthday boy with your personalized message around his face, print your business logo in all its colorful glory, create a tie-dye print in all its colorful glory.

Photograph Bottle – All the fun of full color and photograph printing, now availalbe in our chic bottle style koozie!  An excellent option for any design with more than three ink colors.

Slim Can Koozies – Fits all major slim can products. This slim can koozie can be printed single, multi, or with a photo.

Neoprene Koozies With Neck Strap

Neoprene Coffee Sleeves