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Koozies and Boobs

Tubes and Boobs

Koozies for Boobs and Tubes

Quite possibly one of the most marvelous inventions to ever have been created is the koozie.  A unique little device that’s as uncomplicated as it is helpful, working to keep each and every beer you drink nice and cold.  Many have the same sentiments regarding boobs, although the complexity of the boob may be a step above that of the koozie.

Koozies make a great addition to any event where boobs will be prominent.  Throwing your best friend a bachelor party?  How great will it look, all of you hanging out at the strip club, matching koozies in hand, showing your support to your buddy on his last night as a single man.  Order extra koozies so that you can hand them out to those hangers-on you’ll pick up along the way.

Remember, what happens with a koozie in hand stays with the koozie!  Well, technically, the koozie has no memory for anything, but it’ll certainly be a fun reminder of what an awesome night you had celebrating with your posse.

Bonus points for snapping a pic of the koozie and boobs in action!