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Which printing style is best for your koozie order?

Below are some examples and corresponding descriptions for the 3 different types of print processes currently offered by  If you’d like to place an order for single ink printing, we highly encourage you use our online order form to create and personalize your koozie order.  You can access the order form by clicking on the “Design Now” button at the bottom of this page.  If you’re interested in placing an order for Heat Sublimation or Multi-Ink koozies, please go ahead and give us a call (518 964 1018) or send us an email ( and we’ll personally work with you on a quote, mock-upup and order.

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Single-Ink Color Print:

Our most economical and popular printing option!

The single ink color print process prints your design on the koozie color of your choice any single ink color. Through a silk screen print process, your design is essentially stamped on the koozie.

We have a wide variety of ink colors at our disposable and look foward to working with you on the perfect ink and koozie color match for your design. Most multi-color logos and designs can easily be manipulated into a single ink color with a result we’re sure you’ll be proud to show off!

Exact color matching in now available as well!

Heat Sublimation:

sublimationCurrently being premiered on our collapsible fabric and zip fabric koozie styles, we are thrilled to now be offering heat sublimation printing!

This is a great printing options for those looking to print logos with more than three colors, photographs or even an entire koozie stamped with a pattern of your choosing.

Through a complex heat and pressure process, your design is basically embedded into the koozie style of your choice: crisp, clear printing and long lasting quality.

Multi-Ink Color Print:

Another great choice for multi-color logos and designs!

Designs can be printed on any of our koozie styles using the silk screen print process.

The Koozie takes a pass through the print machine layering each color as a separate print process. Multi-ink color designs pop quite well against our neoprene koozie styles!

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