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Koozie Blanks Are Also Know As Blank Koozies

Blank Foam Koozies
Blank Foam Koozies Ready For Print

People are often calling us at kooziez.com to see if we offer blank koozies.  Blank koozies are just that, Koozies that have yet to be printed on.  And yes, the answer to your question is we do sell blank koozies.  We have sold as little as one blank koozie and as many as 1,000,000 blank koozies.

To buy blank koozies, it is best to call or email us at kooziez.com.  For amounts higher than 2,000 pieces we will be glad to negotiate.  We ultimate admit that blank koozies (especially in quantities above 50,000) generally come from China.  It is hard for American based companies to compete with chinese companies, nevertheless, we do believe the quality of  our blank koozies are second to none.

Who Buys Blank Koozies?

Generally people who buy blank koozies from us our screen printers.  We are willing to send serious customers a free sample pack so that they can take a look at the quality of the product to make sure that it is what they are looking for before they commit to a big purchase.  Rest assured, that if you are not satisified with your koozie blanks, Kooziez.com will gladly refund your money and allow you to keep your koozie blanks free of charge.

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