How to Host the Best Ugly Sweater Christmas Party!

Every year tens of thousands of Christmas parties are thrown in the United States. They range from the standard family get together to the extreme over the top business party. It is becoming very common for these parties to have a theme. One of the more trendy themes over the last several years is to throw an ugly sweater Christmas party.

The inaugural ugly sweater Christmas party is not known, but historians believe the trend comes from the fact that every one, at least once in their life, has received a sweater from a friend or relative that was just plain ugly.

I remember as a child receiving a sweater from my grandparents that was just hideous. I was probably eight years old and expected some form of a He-man sword and what I received was a sweater I would never wear. I am certain that sweater cost 10 times what I actually wanted and was so sad. My parents made me thank my Grandparents and show my gratefulness (Note, I was not). And to add insult to injury, a few weeks later I had to write a thank you letter. Let me leave at this, if I had that sweater if today, it would be the rock solid winner of the contest at my annual ugly sweater Christmas party.

This will be my fifth year throwing our annual ugly sweater Christmas party. Each year, is better than the last, and I expect this year to be legendary.

Here are a list of tips that I recommends to follow in order to maximize the potential of your ugly sweater Christmas party.

Five tips for your killer party:

  1. Booze, and lots of it! I know it sounds redundant, however booze and plenty of it is a good thing to remember. I recommend a standard eggnog punch, you can find any recipe by; however in addition to the eggnog I also have lots of beer. Micro brews that are seasonal (spiced beer, pumpkin beer, holiday beer) go over really well and of course some of the hard stuff. Last year we had a fireball ice shots that went over really well, however I think this year it will be Jägermeister eggnog shots.

  2. Decorations, and the tackier the better. You can go to Amazon.Com and search for tacky Christmas decorations and or just go to any local Wal-Mart and you will find some. These decorations really create an ambience of hilariousness. I recommend lots of lights in the house and putting them everywhere. We often will put lights on the wall in shape of funny objects such as the human anatomy.

  3. Ask for help, lots of it. The first year I threw my party, it was a fulltime job for a month setting up. And another fulltime job cleaning it up. I have now enlisted the help of my neighbor, Tammy, and it has really lightened the load. Tammy is in charge of coordinating with the guests various items to bring, such as booze, chips and dips, food and appetizers, or extra ugly sweaters in case someone forgot one . We also have a sign of bliss said the front door for people who are willing to come clean up the next day.

  4. Hire a photographer. What we did last year for the first time was hire a photographer. I paid them $150 and had them take photos for 2 hours. They then uploaded those photos to our facebook page and it was a hit. Everyone loves being photographed in their ugly Christmas sweaters and they created a memory that people enjoy remembering.

  5. Buy some swag to give away and to commemorate your Christmas party. We used Custom Christmas Coolies last year. We worked out a crazy design with Jen at We had a full color image done on collapsible fabric can Coolies. We put the date, the name of the location as if it were an ugly sweater. Thus the custom Coolies was an ugly sweater itself! Priceless!

This article was written by Stephen Hassell as a thank you to for creating the perfect custom Coolie for my Christmas events. These five tips I hope will help you through the perfect ugly sweater Christmas party. Please feel free to add your own taste to your party, but make sure you think of these five things!