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Interesting facts about koozies, ultrasounds, and gender reveal parties.


  1. The ultrasound has been around for almost 7 decades.  It was invented in Glasgow, Scotland in 1956 by the obstetrician Ian Donald.  Dr. Donald developed the medical technology from technology that was developed to inspect ship hulls for possible cracks and weakness in the structure.  I bet you did not know that the machine used to determine a baby’s sex before birth was actually an industrial based technology!
  2. The koozie was invented in 1981.  The concept was simple, protect a can or bottle from external elements that will negatively affect the temperature of the liquid the bottle or can contained.
  3. The idea of learning a baby’s sex before birth became a hit for the upper-middle class around the world in the 1960s.  The thought was simple, a mother who knew the sex of her child would be able to better prepare for the child’s arrival.  Around this time the colors blue and pink really became associated with the celebration of a soon to be arriving child.
  4. All children develop as uni-sex until around week 16.  At this time the developing embryo will begin to develop sexual organs of the gender conceived at birth.  Thus, it is impossible to tell what a child’s sexis until week 16. Some doctors believe through a blood test you can tell the propensity of a child’s gender based off some biomarkers in the mother’s blood, but the conclusion is not accurate.
  5. Roughly 5% of parents are informed of the wrong gender!  For several reasons a doctor conducting and ultrasound may confuse the sex of a child.  They may mistake another body part for a penis, the penis may be blocked from view and or the Doctor could just be having a bad day!  This has actually led to some lawsuits!
  6. Gender reveal parties have become a fad. The first known gender reveal party was thrown in 1987 by Zoe and Zack Berling.  Various people recognize this as the original, our historians could not find an older example despite searching the Library of Congress archives for any known record.
  7. According to Google, we are the number 1 website for designing and printing gender reveal koozies.  On average there are close to 4,000,000 babies born in the USA each year.  We print roughly 3 gender reveal custom koozies each day.  Thus we print on average 1000 custom gender reveal koozies annually.  In summary we print 1000 / 4,000,000 = 0.025% of koozies for all babies born in the USA in a calendar year!
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