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  Foam koozies are great gifts and should be given to all your loved ones at your next party, wedding, or event.  People also use these foam koozies for promotional items. Unlike our other koozie styles, foam koozies are unique because they can have a wrap-around design printed on them, which is a very entertaining and appealing feature for our customers. In this particular case, the artwork and design cover most of the print area on the foam koozie. This features gives our designers and customers plenty of room for creative freedom.

This koozie’s super-soft and thick foam feel, make it a very appealing item for party events. It’s also one of the most economical koozies available in our selection. Artwork and designs tend to print fine details very well, giving the ink a smooth and glossy look.

Great for promotional events, this free-standing koozie stacks easily and is a great centerpiece for business marketing. Go ahead and place your order today, create your own Foam Personalized Coozies and surprise your friends with a gift they’ll love!

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