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One word defines Foam Koozies: SHARP. Foam Koozies are our top of the line product. Stackable and with bright colors, makes the perfect gift for your event. Foam koozies have the particularity to print al around the koozie, making it perfect for sororities, fraternities and team hardcore fans. Be sure your your foam koozies are ready for kick off day. No tailgate is complete without foam koozies.

Foam koozies are made out of  polystyrene, wich is a natural isolator. This will make sure your cold beer or soft drink stays that way for times longer that without any koozies.

Promotional Foam Koozies

Promotional Foam Koozies

A great thing about foam koozies is that the colors and brighter and they stamp mucho crisper that other regular koozies. This will ensure your product, team, fraternity or sorority will look sharp everywhere the foam koozie goes. This is the beauty of giving away koozies. We will never know how far your image can go, so make sure is stampded on the best material

This Foam Koozie is one of the best selling products in the industry. The Foam KoozieZ with more categories. Foam Koozies also available with more colors. Few of them are: Black Foam KoozieZ & Blue Foam KoozieZ.

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