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Foam Coolies are our best products from our complete product line. Patented foam will insulate  your beverage like nothing else. A soft texture will keep your fingers from freezing from the cold can. You will be able to enjoy your beer cold until the last drop. Now you can also enjoy your beer calmed and slow with no rush, knowing that your custom foam coolie will do its work. Another great advantage of the beer foam coolies is that you can stamp a wrap around design so you can print your logo or phrase all over the foam coolie.

Match your imprint to the coaster color to enhance your advertising message. It has been keeping beverages colder longer for many years.

Foam beer coolies

Foam beer coolies

Foam Coolies are very useful for any Pool Party, because its floating properties. Put your beer can into the foam coolie and watch it float all over the pool!

This foam coolie is a very practical and useful product to use to promote your organization or special event.

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