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Foam Beer Koozies are an excellent product to give away at an event, or give to family and friends. Keep your drinks with foam beer koozies cool and spread the message of your company while you’re at it. Foam beer koozies are perfect for your other drinks as well. Get these foam beer koozies at a great price today.

Foam beer koozies are extremely popular. They are thick, they stand up, they are stackable, they last a long time, and they will sit on a desk and hold other items. They can serve many purposes.

One of the most beautiful features about this glorious product is that it is the only koozie which can be wraparound printed, offering a single image to travel about 310 degrees around the outside, at no additional charge to the client! Take advantage of this outrageous loophole today!

This material isolates and protects. Your drink will keep the right temperature 4 times longer than if you were to hold it in your hot hand with no koozie whatsoever.

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