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Cheap Round Koozie

Cheap Round Koozie

A marketing trend has swept the koozie-using world, and it is a migration away from the classy hard foam koozie which was the standby of the koozie-loving public  for at least 15 years. It’s an obsession with the new materials which are redefining our world: open-cell foam (aka collapsible fabric) and neoprene, the common wetsuit material. Don’t get me wrong, these are wonderful materials and their coming should be, and has been, celebrated by mankind. However, when it comes to coozies, call me old school, but I still appreciate the difference between what I call a ‘koozie’ and everything else. First, it’s about thickness – the 1/2″ or more of foam just dominates when compared to the eighth of an inch that neoprene claims. Second, that rubbery feel on the hand feels like summer. Lastly, that tight fit guaranteed by the classic koozie on your can means that the bond is entirely airtight. So much so that the hole in the bottom of the koozie is there to break the airlock and keep you from having canstick, that affliction which has been all but eliminated in recent years because of that very hole.


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