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Frequently Asked Koozie Questions



Have questions about your personalized koozie design? Would you like to evaluate a design you’re thinking of printing? We’d be happy to take a look at your design and/or discuss your design options with you. Please feel free to contact us day or night via, phone PD9waHAgZWNobyAkdHJhY2twaG9uZTs/Pg==, “>PD9waHAgZWNobyAkdHJhY2tlbWFpbDs/Pg==,,,, BB Pin 214AA877, or phone for all your design needs.

Design Proofs:

After having placed an order, will never send a design to print without your final approval. You will receive a proof of your design for your review within 24-48 hours of placing an order. Send back any changes or adjustments you’d like to see or respond to the email with “Confirmed. Please print!” Your customized koozies are then officially in production!

My Order: sends design proofs within 24-48 hours of receiving an order. At this time you will also receive a summary of your personalized koozies order details. Please always be sure to review both carefully to be sure all information is correct.

When you’ve received your design proof, you can accept the design by responding with “Confirmed. Please print!” or make adjustments to your customized koozie design by responding to the email with the changes you’d like to see.

After you’ve given the final, “Confirmed. Please print!” your koozies are officially in production!

Once your personalized koozie order has been shipped you’ll receive an email from UPS with a tracking number and the date UPS expects to deliver your order. loves receiving pics of koozies in action! Want to tag koozies and show off your order to your friends? Be Jen’s friend or become a fan on Facebook!


The order form selects a default deliver by date 12 business days out from the day you place your order. Each order incurs a shipping charge depending on the size of the shipment. For 25-100 Koozies, the cost is a flat $15.00 for standard delivery. For 101-200 Koozies it is a flat $25. For 201-300 Koozies it is a flat $35 and so on.

Have a rush order? has 2 levels of rush shipping, RUSH and SUPER RUSH. Rush Shipping delivers a customized koozie order within 8-11 business days and has an additional charge of $25 on an order SUPER RUSH shipping delivers an order within 6-8 business days and has an additional charge of $40 on an order.

Mega Hot Rushes available for orders needed within 5 business days or less. Please give us a call here at Koozie Central at PD9waHAgZWNobyAkdHJhY2twaG9uZTs/Pg==.

Creative Suggestions:

Brainstorming slogans for your koozies and none come to mind? Want a creative design and text for that party coming up and not quite sure what to say? At we may not be professional comedians or poets but we do pride ourselves on some particularly witty quote/design combinations, sayings and designs. We love coming up with new ideas and are more than happy to work with you to create the perfect art for your koozies.

I Also Have Questions About:

    • Design Proof Response: The employees at pride themselves on their quick responses and stellar customer service. Once you’ve placed an order please be sure to check your email for your design proof and order summary. will never print a design without your final approval. Delays in response to the email (i.e. more than 3 business days) could possibly result in a delay of your order.


    • No email received: Didn’t receive an email with your order details and design proof? Check your spam or junk mail folder for an email coming from “>PD9waHAgZWNobyAkdHJhY2tlbWFpbDs/Pg==.


    • Inclimate Weather: tries very hard to meet and often exceed expectations in all aspects of their company, especially with deliver by dates. We understand that our customers have pressing deadlines and often time sensitive designs (i.e. can’t receive July 4th koozies on July 5th!). We work closely with UPS to be sure deadlines are met especially in the snowy “wintry mix” months and will often deliver customized koozies in conditions just short of a blizzard! If you have a time sensitive design during those unpredictable winter months please be sure to allow an extra day or two for delivery so we can make our “appearance” at your special event.


    • Koozie Color Notification: keeps a wide variety of colors in stock. In order to be able to meet and exceed expectations, will generally ask for back-up koozie/ink color combinations to keep your order process as smooth as possible. If a back-up color is not provided before printing they will call you the moment they find out if your color may not be available. Worried about missing a deadline? Send over a back-up color along with your order (indicate in the “special instructions” box on the design page).


  • Design Details: Got a lot of details in your personalized koozie design? On rare occasions customers will be contacted when the koozies are already in production to tweak some fine details in your design. Why wait so long? It can be hard to tell exactly how teeny a detail is until the screen is created. is more than happy to make the necessary tweaks to your design to make it optimal for printing. Please be sure to send a quick response with approval or adjustments so your koozies can continue on their “merry printing way” through production and out to their ship-to destination!