Fabric vs Neoprene Coolies


Collapsible Fabric vs Collapsible Neoprene

In the words of Jen, owner and manager of KoozieZ.com:

“If you are looking to save a little, go with collapsible fabric. If you are looking to splurge a little, treat yourself to the collapsible neoprene.”

-Jen, 2017

coosies, coozies, coolies, huggies, coolers, etc- no matter what you call these versatile beer insulators, the purpose is clear: keep your hand warm and dry while your beverage stays nice and cold. There are two main types of collapsible can coolers: fabric and neoprene. But what is the actual difference between the two popular collapsible can coozie styles? Does the material you choose for your custom Coolies make a difference? Here’s a breakdown of of the two variations to help you make the best decision for your next kozy order.

Collapsible Fabric:

Collapsible Fabric, also known as collapsible foam or foam rubber, is a classic choice. As the name suggests, coolies made of this material are soft, flexible to the touch. The foam contours to your beer and hand, while your colorful design shows up nicely on the fabric outer layer. The foam material is more economical than neoprene, so in turn the coozie cost is generally lower for this style.

Since all of our collapsible fabric products are manufactured in the US, the quality of our foam coolers is much higher than other companies that export materials from overseas. As such, our collapsible scuba foam coosies are much more durable and insulating than other similarly labeled products you might find on other sites. These are our most common material because our customers can get great product at a lower cost, without sacrificing quality.

Collapsible Neoprene:

Collapsible Neoprene is another portable koozie option that we offer. This material is more luxurious than the fabric, and is definitely worth the upgrade. When you think of neoprene, think of the stretch material that is used to make a wetsuit. They are made of the same thing! The long lasting insulating properties really work to keep your beer cold and refreshing.

A lot of people choose collapsible neoprene coozies for classy events. From the fabric to the stitching, these coosies are definitely worth the slightly higher price point. Everything the collapsible fabric coolers can do, the neoprene beer coolers can do better. More durable, flexible, and slightly thinner than their foam counterparts, we like to offer our collapsible neoprene coolies to customers that like to treat themselves.

How to tell the difference between Fabric and Neoprene:

Here’s a handy chart that will help you tell what the physical differences are between Fabric and Neoprene coozies.


However, as graphic designers, we know that a picture is worth a thousand words. Thus we present to you the best visual aides in the industry: Neoprene vs. Fabric Eye Candy!

First, take a peek at the all the colors we keep in stock for our collapsible coosies!


Don’t see a color coozie you want, or have a special pantone color match in mind? We CAN custom print any color you like, so don’t feel limited by our stock colors. For example, we often print tie-dye or chevron pattern Coolies for our more creative customers.

Comparative images

We’re all graphic designers, we know that a picture is worth a thousand words. Take a peek at these photos we’ve taken to show you what a fabric cooler looks like when beside a neoprene one!


The first comparative photo above shows what 3mm thick foam looks like verss 2mm thick neoprene. As you can tell, the neoprene koosie is thinner than the fabric when folded in half. Because the foam is slightly more padded, the entire coosie is larger. Obviously they both squash down to pocket size, but the neoprene coolers are more compact.


For this next picture above, we wanted to give you more angles of fabric vs. neoprene. Here’s a side view so you can see how the cross stitching of the neoprene differs from the tucked seam of the foam fabric. The stitching pulls the fabric taut, making the neoprene coozie skinnier when folded in half.


As a bonus, check out how versatile can Coolies can be! Here is a great image to show you what these can coosies look like when stretched around a bottle. The collapsible fabric Coolie is a looser fit for the bottle, so it’s easy to slip on. The neoprene stretches to perfectly contour the bottle.

Pros of Collapsible Fabric:

1) Pro: More economical than neoprene

If you’re trying to fit within a tight budget, foam fabric coolies are probably the best choice.

2) Pro: Comes in more colors!

We stock 6 more collapsible fabric coosie colors! Texas orange, Khaki, Forest Camo, Desert Camo, Crimson, and Sky Blue are only available for orders of Collapsible Fabric.

3) Pro: More stretchy!

They are a little larger, and have more give, so potentially you could fit them around a larger variety of containers.

Pros of Collapsible Neoprene:

1) Pro: Better Quality

Neoprene is like the L’Oreal of Coolies. You get it because you are worth it. It’s a luxury fabric for people who like more out of their coosiie experience.

2) Pro: Smaller than collapsible fabric

The thinner fabric and tight stitching make this coolie really easy to slip into a pocket and wallet and take with you on the go.

3) Pro: Keeps your beer colder a little longer

Originally created to keep scuba divers insulated in fridged waters, the neoprene technology is superior at keeping your beverage chilly and refreshing in your dry and warm hand.

A quick FAQ style review Neoprene vs Fabric Coolies:

Do both neoprene and fabric collapsible Coolies fit around a bottle?

Can I print on both sides of my Coolie?

Can I print a design that has more than one color?

Can I print more than one color/ get a photograph printed on my Coolie?

Can I print on the bottom of my Coolie?

Can I get my Coolie rush delivered?

Fortunately for you, the answer to all these questions is YES! Yes, both neoprene and fabric fit around a 12oz bottle. More than one color or photo coozie? Yes! Of course you can print on both sides, as well as the bottom! Yes, we offer rush services! We love being able to say yes!

Quick Recap:

Collapsible Fabric: Our most economical Coolie. Super quality material because they are all 100% manufactured and printed in the USA. Not only that, but they come in 27 stock colors!

Collapsible Neoprene: Our top quality Coolies. They are also 100% USA manufactured and printed. They come in 21 stock colors, and are perfect for high end events.

So, which Coolie is right for me?

Still not sure which beer cooler material is right for you? At KoozieZ.com we want to make it as simple for you as possible. We can send you plain white cooler samples of both collapsible can varieties so you can decide which feels the best.

If you have any specific questions about our neoprene and fabric coolies, or if you would like to order a plain white coolie sample, you can email Jen: jen@kooziez.com, and she will be more than happy to answer them for you.

If you are all set, and know exactly what you want, you can fill out our free proof form: https://www.kooziez.com/get-your-free-proof-new/. Once we’ve received the form, we can email you a design mock-up of what your art will look like on a coosie. Unlike most other companies, we offer all artwork for free, no matter how many times you want to change your design. You can also call 518.964 1018 and speak with one of our lovely sales agents directly. Our phone lines are always busy, and we are always happy to answer any questions you might have.

Don’t Want Can Coolie? Check out other Coolie styles we have to offer:

Hard Foam Non-Collapsible Coolie made of a spongy foam. These Coolies are only available for screen print, we can not print full color heat sublimation on them. However, we do offer free double side print for this variety.

Neoprene Coolies with a Strap (non-collapsible) Non-Collapsible made of high quality neoprene. The reason they do not collapse is they have a rubber bottom. This bottom makes these Coolie very sturdy, but because the bottom is plastic, it is not possible to print on the bottom of these Coolie.

Water Bottle Collapsible Coolies designed specifically for all the sporty people out there! Runners, weightlifters, soccer players, basketball players, yoga enthusiasts, etc. will benefit from the nifty clip attached to the Coolie. This clip allows you to hang your beverage on your person for easy transportation for an active lifestyle.

Zipper Fabric Bottle Coolies Collapsible bottle Coolies made of the same foam fabric as our collapsible fabric Coolies. They have a zipper at the top to make it easy to slip on your bottle. These are perfect for craft beer drinkers that normally drink beer from a bottle.

Zipper Neoprene Coolies Collapsible bottle made of high quality neoprene. They have the same zipper opening as the fabric bottle Coolies. We suggest for all bottle cooler customers to upgrade and order these because they really do add a classy element to your party.

12 oz Tall Slim Can Coolie These Tall Slim Cans coolers are made of our foam fabric. They easily fit around a 12 oz. Redbull. They also can fit a 12 oz Mich Ultra.

8 oz Slim Can Coolies These small coolies are made of foam fabric. To give you an idea of the size, they fit a 8.4oz red bull small can.


Novelty Coolies:


  • Slip-on Bottle
  • Pint Sized Mason Jar
  • Jersey
  • Swing
  • Neoprene Pint Glass
  • 32 Oz Mason Jar (Quart)
  • 24 Oz Can
  • 16 Oz Tall Slim Can
  • Round
  • Solo Cup
  • Coffee Sleeves
  • 100% Customized Coolies Shape



If you are interested in any of these cooler options and want to learn more, please email jen@kooziez.com directly!

We look forward to speaking with you! Remember, no matter what Coolie material, or koosie style you choose, we’ll make sure you get the beer coolies of your dreams.