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Customized Koozies Cups have many names and depending on what part of the United States you are in, they may be called, coozies, koozies, cozy, beer huggers, huggies, or coolies.

Can Koozies are created mostly out of neoprene but can also be created out of materials like foam or fabric.  These are koozies that are specificall for cans.  Bottle koozies are specific to beer bottles.  Generally they only fit the 12 ounce beer bottles but sometimes the neoprene or fabric can stretch to fit bottles that are up to 16 ounces.

People love custom koozies.  Matter of fact we have had people threaten to sue if they did not receive their koozies on time.  But no worries, there koozies got there as guarantees all deliveries!

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