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What Is A Customized Beer Cooler?

To put it simply, if you have never used a koozie to drink a beer, a soda, or any other beverage that comes in a bottle or can, you are definitely missing out…

Custom Can Koozies - Also Know As Beer Koozies

Custom Can Koozies – Also Know As Beer Koozies

Customized Beer Coolers are better known as Koozies.  Beer Coolers / Koozies are products that can be used for many things. The most common is keeping the beer users hand insulated from the beer as well as keeping the beer insulated from the enviroment.

What Koozie Is Right For Me?

Custom Can Koozies are used for cans while bottle koozies are used for bottles.  Often times people will use can koozies for bottles but in reality the best is a combination.  Also known as double bagging.  To double bag a koozie, grab a bottle koozie, insert the bottle, then grab a can koozie and insert the bottle koozie into the can koozie and BAM you have the official double bag custom koozie.


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