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Let’s party!  When you celebrate a party you want it to be a total success because you love your friends and you want them to have a great time. To get them to remember that awesome time they spent at your party there is nothing as cool and useful as a custom party koozie.

Afordable custom party koozies at

Afordable custom party koozies at

Koozies are also called beer huggers or can holders and some even call them coolies because they keep your beverages cold. The reason why they work so well on keeping the drinks at right temperature is because they are made of neoprene or rubbery material, it is much like the material used for diving suits. The same way the diving suit isolates the user body from the low temperatures underwater, a koozie will isolate your drinks from the high temperatures outdoors keeping it’s content chilled and your hands dry.

Ok! that is just considering the functional stuff, but what makes the koozies a great item to be included in your party is that they can be customized. So no matter what is the theme that you have selected for your event you can always get a koozie with the right color and design to go with it.

Children and wedding party’s decoration will be fantastic with colorful koozies – offers all kind of vibrant colors to choose from- and your child name on it. Your guests will love their koozies and take them home to be re-used!  This things are extremely durable, you will see. Koozies are affordable, useful and beautiful!


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