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Lime Green Koozies

Lime Green Koozies

Looking for Custom Lime Green Koozies?

Lime green koozies in any style add a little something extra to each and every day.  An excellent choice for all seasons, the bright lime green customized koozie is a fantastic color option that works well for both men and women!  Looking to blend into the background at your next party?  Not with this koozie!  Its intense one of a kind color makes it the stand-out koozie at all social events.

Why do I Need a Lime Green Koozie?

1. Exercise a lot at night?  Put a lime green water bottle koozie on your bottle of water and use it as a reflector!

2. Is your wardrobe stuck in the 80’s?  The personalized koozie in lime green is a perfect accessory to any neon colored pieces you still incorporate in your daily wardrobe.

3. Want to be the life of the party?  Its neon color will ensure you stand out from the sea of black and royal blue koozies around you.

4. Hanging out on the beach?  The customized koozies in lime green color puts out a fun vibe and will attract people to you!

5. Skiing in the chilly winter weather?  Bring your trusty lime green koozie with you – it’s the perfect bright color for cheering up those winter blues!

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