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Koozies Are So Much Fun!!!

Koozies Are So Much Fun!!!

A Neoprene Custom Koozy is made of a material that protects your beer from the hot sun.  With the neoprene your drink will stay at a cooler temperature 4 times longer than it would if you didn’t use a Koozy. Divers find this true with their wet suits which made from the same material but out come is opposite. Instead their wet suit keeps them warm in the cold water.  Neoprene is an amazing material and the neoprene koozies are pretty amazing as well!

When throwing a party the host always wants to ensure that their guest will have an unforgettable time. They put a lot of deep thought into every detail and try all soughts of new things to make their party a hit.

 Koozies can be used at any event or business party. A logo, picture and/or text can all be put on the koozie to make it personalized. Order your today with

There are few more Custom Koozies available with us –

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2) Custom Black Koozies

3) Custom Red Koozies

4) Custom Can Koozies