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Custom Foam Koozies are best Business Gift for your colleges , Family Friends & Friends. Keep your Drinks with Custom Foam Koozies cool and spread the message of your company while your at it. Custom Foam Koozies are perfect for your other drinks as well. Get these Custom Foam Coolies at a great price today.

The Foam KoozieZ with more categories.  Foam Koozies also available with more colors. Few of them are :- Black Foam KoozieZ & Blue Foam KoozieZ. 🙂

Guy loving his pirate koozie

Guy loving his pirate koozie

Custom Foam Koozies are extremely popular. They are thick, they stand up, they are stack able, they last a long time, and they will sit on a desk and hold other items. They can serve many purposes. For example, many teachers and schools purchase koozies to be sold as pencil holders or other non-beer uses. Using a good design, koozies can easily be sold, often at a high profit, to raise funds for a school event or whatever you like! Many bands sell koozies at show and think they are great publicity.

This material isolates en protects. Your drink will keep the right temperature 4 times longer than a koozie held in a velvet magician’s hat.

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