Country Wedding Ideas: 8 Easy & Creative Ideas

country wedding ideas

Country Wedding Idea 1:

Liberally use Cowboy hats: No wedding is truly country without throwing a few cowboy hats into the mix! A few “out of the box” ideas include having the ring bearer and flower girl carry cowboy hats down the aisle, or use them to hold flowers on your wedding tables.

Country Wedding Idea 2:

Should there be any doubt about what type of theme a wedding is, look no further than the bridal party attire! Dress up the bridal party with cowboy boots and jeans, or have the bridesmaids wear flannel hair ties; alternatively, make the groom stand out by adding a blazer or a unique piece of flair that’s decidedly country, such as a gun holster or huge steer belt buckle.

Country Wedding Idea 3:

Mason jars- Who knew mason jars could be so versatile? Turns out they can serve a lot of uses! For example, you can use them as mugs to hold drinks, as vases to hold flowers as centrepieces at the tables, similarly, they can be used to make table lanterns. Or, if you’re feeling really adventurous, you can use a bunch of them to make some pretty incredible chandeliers!

Country Wedding Idea 4:

Want a truly country feel for your wedding? Incorporate some traditional southern fair into your décor. For example, making your wedding bouquet out of wood and cotton, possibly mixed with some daisies and sunflowers, really accentuates the southern feel of a wedding.

Country Wedding Idea 5:

Having the wedding catered? Is it an open bar? Either way, why not use a wheelbarrow to hold the drinks? Just fill it up with ice and you’ve got a cheap and easy bartender that fits in effortlessly with the rest of the wedding décor!

Country Wedding Idea 6:

Horseshoes are a great addition to any country themed wedding. They have a double purpose because they can be used as escort cards and then kept as wedding favors later on. Perfect for a southern flare and to give guests a bit of good luck after the fact, as long as they hang them correctly on the inside of their front door!

Country Wedding Idea 7:

Want to really go all out at your wedding with a flair for the dramatic? Antlers will be sure to add extra drama to your wedding arch when surrounded with beautiful, overflowing flowers on either side. Rather than being macabre, it’s the perfect reminder of what type of wedding you’re attending (in case anyone was silly enough to forget).

Country Wedding Idea 8:

Hay bales with quilted blankets or flannels on top are perfect for seating at the wedding ceremony and for extra seating around the dance floor at the reception. It helps add an extra southern appeal while providing a practical application, as well.