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Coolies are very useful to keep your Drink Cool & Safe. Now you can be sure that your beer will stay cold until the last drop of the gods nectar. Also, your hands will be protected from the cold can thanks to our construction material made from neoprene, wich is the same that the diver use on their suits. Also we have coolies on fabric and hard foam. All stackable and easy to bring with you anywhere you go. Coolies make your cold beverages even cooler with personalized koozies! Stamp your family crest of last name so you can make the best of your clan’s pool party.

Its light weight design makes it easy to carry around so no matter where you go, you can conveniently bring your coolie with you. That’s right, our coolies can go to any party, pub, backyard and roof arty. The hard foam coolies can even hold stuff that is wandering all over your desk.

Personalized Coolies

Personalized Coolies

These pocket pals are great to hand out at promotional campaigns, picnics, and barbecues. Design your own promotional coolie and make a branding splash at your next social gathering. Show them some coolie love!

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