Coolies with my logo

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Is that time of the year when is imperative that your business or service needs to get out there to be noticed. Coolies with your logo of slogan are perfect for this task. Imagine your company’s logo on a hand of many people enjoying a cold beer or soft drink. And it gets better! We can match your company’s colors with our extense list of ink colors. Check out also our complete list of coolies colors. We have then on neoprene, fabric and hard foam materials. Neoprene is the material that divers use to insolate themselves from the cold waters of the ocean. Hard foam is a very good material to stamp your logo on a coolie. Also you can wrap around your design if yo wish on the foam coolies. It will look just amazing!

My logo on coolies

My logo on coolies

Not only you can put your company logo on a coolie, but imagine having coolies for each one of your departments or maybe coolies with the services your company offers! Your clients will be very pleased to enjoy the great services your company does for them but at the same time you keep their beer can cold and their hands warm!

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