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Looking for Collapsible Pink Koozies ? sales Collapsible Pink Koozies!

If you are looking for a colorful gift for clients, friends and guests at your party, order personalized collapsible koozies will be a smart pick.

I am a koozie fan myself and I am going to explain you why. When you want a gift that useful and nice to everyone, regardless their age, koozies are perfect! When you think about a koozie maybe the first thing in your mind is a cold beer, that is why some people call them beer huggers. But actually, koozies can be used for all kind of drinks, sodas and even kids beverages, so this is a gift that everyone will enjoy.

Collapsible neoprene koozies at

Collapsible neoprene koozies at

Do you know what koozies are made of? Believe or not, the rubbery material used for manufacturing koozies is the same as the one used for diving suits, it is called Neoprene and it makes the koozies lightweight and collapsible. Collapsible means they are easy to fold and store!

Neoprene material comes in fantastic vibrant colors such as hot pink and they can be customized with any design you want. design team works hard to guarantee you the coolest koozie designs and best customer service experience for all your koozie needs.


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