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Collapsible Neoprene Koozies

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   Here at KoozieZ we have all kinds of colors and styles available for custom designs!  Make it your own personal koozie. We also have koozies with pattern designs such as the Camo Koozies & Pink Camo Koozies.

Whether you like Outdoor hunting or having a Sorority, maybe girls night out party, these coozies will keep your drink cold at all times! Be sure to put it in your back pocket and pull it out when you’re having a beer. It’s very portable, carry it with you at all times. You won’t feel right grabbing a beer without a koozie!

Check out the different styles available, see which one fits your personality best! Order different styles for your family members, Let Dad have the Zipper Neoprene Koozie for the big bottle beer, give Mom the Water Bottle Koozie, get the point? Make your own Koozie elite family like a team!

Get your koozies today, don’t worry about anything, your friends will love your for giving them Koozies!

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