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Lime Green Koozies in Everyday Life

Studies show that being around positive people and bright colors are instant mood lifters. Listening to music with light undertones and surrounding yourself with positive, happy thoughts are great ways to be happy and positive yourself!  Looking to make a life change?  Lime green koozies are an excellent way to add a little touch of something bright and special into your daily life.  The sunny, warm color of the lime green koozie makes it an instant hit and is sure to have an immediate impact on your day.

Lime Green Zipper Koozies

Lime Green Zipper Koozies

Motivational Koozies

Another way to keep yourself in high spirits is to surround yourself with motivational people and quotes.  Customize koozies with several of your favorite motivational quotes and inspirational thoughts.  Koozies are an excellent low budget, eco-friendly way to keep your drinks cool!  Order personalized koozies for a friend or family member going through a difficult time and they’re sure to look at their koozies and smile.  Create your own slogan for your group of friends and surprise them with koozies at your next get together!  The best part about them is they’re easily shared and easily personalized giving each and every person the opportunity to share their inspiration with the world!


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