Collapsible Fabric Can

Collapsible Fabric Can Koozie

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Please give us as many details about your design as possible, including text, colors (KOOZIE® & COOLIES and ink), clipart images, if you have a file, image, logos, etc - feel free to upload it.


Color Options in This Style (Ink Options Unlimited)

Please give us as many details about your design as possible, including text, colors (KOOZIE® & COOLIES and ink), clipart images, if you have a file, image, logos, etc - feel free to upload it.


KOOZIE® & COOLIES Description – KZ01

Our most economical KOOZIE® & COOLIES, this very portable style can easily go anywhere with you. It’s fold able, flexible material makes it a cinch to fit in your shirt pocket, jeans pocket, any drawer, even a large wallet! Lightweight fabric material in our can style fits cans for 12 oz. beverages and easily re-adapts to the shape of your can after being folded. Take this KOOZIE® & COOLIES anywhere and you’ll always be prepared to keep your beverages, be it beer, soda, pop or even juice nice and cool.

This is our most often purchased style of custom KOOZIE® & COOLIES.  The collapsible fabric KOOZIE® & COOLIES is made out of a foam like material that can be printed sewn or unsewn.   The thing that makes this KOOZIE® & COOLIES styles so nice is the versatility of the style.  You can print this style, single ink, multi ink, photograph, and you can even print on the bottom.

Furthermore, this style is 100% manufactured in the United States of America.  We buy our own material from a company out of Chicago, roll the material and cut the material all from the same place.  Once we cut the material, we can dye the material.  The dying process is very simple.  Common ink colors like red, black, green, navy, blue, orange, brown, we will dye close to 10,000 pieces at a time.

After we dye the material and have it in stock, we leave the KOOZIE® & COOLIES unsewn.  When a customer orders a customized collapsible fabric from Kooziez.Com a we will make the silk screen that is the image of the design we would like to print.  Once we have the image screen made, we will make a silk screen.  The silk screen is what we use to pass the ink through for custom printing.

Once we have the screen.  We lay the KOOZIE® & COOLIES on the bottom of it and press the screen down where we passed the ink through.  The ink that passes through will appear on the KOOZIE® & COOLIES.  At which time it goes into a machine two dry the ink hard on to the collapsible KOOZIE® & COOLIES.

The machine that we use to dry the ink on the KOOZIE® & COOLIES is known as a dryer.  It is about 900° F and after about 30 seconds of exposure the ink has hardened on the KOOZIE® & COOLIES.  The ink has a special glue in it so it does not flake off from the KOOZIE® & COOLIES when it gets wet, or is moved around in shipping, or distribution.

After we have the KOOZIE® & COOLIES and the ink has tried.  We will sew the KOOZIE® & COOLIES together.  We sew on the inside as that is a better and more secure way to sell a collapsible fabric KOOZIE® & COOLIES.

Finally, we will need to ship the KOOZIE® & COOLIES.  We can stack up to 500 KOOZIE® & COOLIES in a box; which weighs anywhere from 12 to 15 pounds.  At that point, the KOOZIE® & COOLIES are picked up and shipped by Federal Express to the end user.

That is how we make custom collapsible fabric KOOZIE® & COOLIES for our customers.  Remember this is the most economical and most often purchased KOOZIE® & COOLIES that we have.  If you would like to see a design before you buy, simply fill out the clots will fabric free proof KOOZIE® & COOLIES request and will send you a design of what your KOOZIE® & COOLIES will look like before we print itKOOZIE® & COOLIES

Collapsible fabric KOOZIE® & COOLIES colors

Collapsible fabric KOOZIE® & COOLIES are available in the following colors: Black, Bright Orange, Burgandy, Crimson, Brown, Desert Camo, Forest Camo, Forest Green, Grey, Hot Pink, Kelly Green, Khaki, Lime, Magenta, Navy, Neon Blue, Pink Camo, Purple, Red, Royal Blue, Sky Blue, Teal, Texas Orange, True Camo, Universal Camo, White and Yellow