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Never before something so easy to fold make so many people happy! Our collapsible coolies do just that. Easy to fold, makes it easy to carry. Back pckets, satchets, purses, you name it. Go with your collapsible custom coolie everywhere you go. Got push into the pool with your beer on that pool party? No worries! our coolies will float! Thanks to the neoprene, fabric and hard foam materials wich have many uses, but the best one is that it will keep your beer or soft drink cold as long as you take to drink it. Cold until the last drop! So no rush, enjoy that cold refreshment.

custom beer coolies

custom beer coolies

Bring your event to the next level, having your company message or logo on your collapsible coolie. Any color combination you want we have! Don’t know what to stamp? No worries, we’ve got it coved! Just check out our extense clip art gallery and choose from any of our categories so you can have an awesome beer coolie for your party.

Here you can check out some of our different coolies Red Koozies, Custom Beer coolies, Pool Koozies.

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