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Our can koozies are a very popular item. You can fold them and put them in your back pocket, purse or satchel and take them anywhere you go. Personalized coolies are available in many colors from white to real life camo with any ink color from or extense color list. Good color combinations are burnt orange koozie with blue, black or even yellow. On real camo or camo koozies, red, white or orange ink will work just great.

Army Koozie Cheap

Our koozies have the ability to maintain your refreshments cool while  keeping your hands from freezing. Another great added value from our koozies is that each drink will be easely identified. Whatch out you lose your drink in the real life camo koozie in the middle of the jungle while hunting! Without a koozie, your soft drink, non alcoholic beer or real beer, would be easy to confuse with someone else.

Collapsible Can Koozies are very useful by keeping your drink cool for a longer period of time. It is a great idea that your guests will love to keep.

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