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Everyone while throwing a party wants to be the best host. But this is not a natural process. You need to earn it. So when you have made the decision to order some foam koozies, the next step is even more important. What to stamp on your new foam koozies? Maybe you can give us your logo, or a special quote according with your event. But, if you don’t have any of this to give us, we have developed an enormous amount of cliparts for you to choose from. Wedding, hunting, animals, sports and if you can find anything on those ones, go straight to the miscellaneous folder and there you will find the proper image for your personalized koozies.

Customized beer koozies

Customized beer koozies


People try new things to make their party a hit.  Clip Art for Foam Koozies are the newest craze among party hoppers. One can make a drab retirement party full of fun and excitement with the help of Foam Koozies 🙂

Instead of letting your hands freeze while holding a cold beer, or beverage, the foam or fabric insulation keeps your beer cold and your hand warm at the same time.
One of the Clip art example is Clip Art for Beer Huggers 🙂

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