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Everyone while throwing a party wants to be the best host. He or she would like to go deep into every detail while planning a party, a get together or something like a retirement party. Some people are afraid that they don’t have a good image to put on their koozie – but fear not, there is really no art library like the one on this site! They’ve got thousands of images from the years of doing koozie orders that you’re sure to find the perfect image for your event. The images that are shown on the clip art portion of the site are just a sampling of the thousands of images they have stored in their database. Just place an order with an image you think would look good and you can easily go back after the fact and have them recommend another.


Zipper Neoprene Huggers

Zipper Neoprene Huggers

Instead of letting your hand freeze while holding a cold beer, or beverage, the foam or fabric insulation keeps your beer cold and your hand warm at the same time.

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