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Budget Friendly Koozies

With the economy acting the way it has been and no clear end in sight, it seems like everyone’s on a budget these days!  Mentioning bargains and sales, once considered a terrible faux-pas have now become the norm.  High end bankers to the single mom with three jobs, everyone’s looking for ways to save a little dough!  One of the most economical products you can invest in is the personalized koozie.  Customized koozies have tons of great uses and can be used in many different ways!  Check out the list below for ideas on how to use your koozies in more ways than just one.

Green Koozies for Bottles

Green Koozies for Bottles

Great Koozie Uses

1. Keep beverages at a refreshing temperature by placing a koozie around your cup, can or bottle.

2. Keep warm beverages from getting too cool too quickly by placing a koozie around your cup o’joe or tea.

3. Use beer koozies as potholders for items coming out of the microwave.

4. Hang them as decorations for birthday parties – arrange them to spell out Happy Birthday.

5. Arrange hard foam koozies in a pyramid shape on the floor and go bowling with socks.

6. Use koozies on dog’s paws when they step out in the chilly temperatures to keep their tootsies warm.

7. Create personalized koozies as party favors for your friend’s 30th birthday.

8. Customize koozies for your grandmother’s retirement celebration.

9. Store your hard drive and prevent it from gathering dust.

10. As a rest for your wrist for those who spend long hours in front of a computer.


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