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Foam Koozie Style

Foam Koozie Style

Cheap Customized koozies were originally created of foam, but neoprene soon followed as a great koozie material as it was a lot more accommodating and conformed to bottles a lot more snugly. Neoprene is often much more high-priced than foam, but there are now foam versions of neoprene that have brought the price down significantly.We also have some more cheap Koozies , few of them are Cheap Personalized Beer Koozies , Cheap Camo Koozies , Cheap Customized Koozies .

Other koozies which can be customized and cheap are fabric kooozies. Fabric koozies are the best quality for a cheaper price. The fabric koozies are special too because it is the only koozies that won’t melt under a print process called heat sublimation.  Heat Sublimation is a print process that allows you to print FULL COLOR image onto the fabric koozies which is something that open up the door for more personalization.  The heat sublimation process gives you the option of printing your very own face on the fabric koozie or a full color very detailed logo can also be printed on the fabric koozie. Cheap Customized Koozies Are GREAT!!!

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