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Get cheap coozies for all your pops and drinks. These coozies can be used at any event or business party; include your design or logo, perhaps even the  name of the event.

   They’re excellent items to promote your company or business. Hand them out as gifts to your business associates and clients or as souvenirs to your friends and family members.

Can Koozies are produced and manufactared mostly from Neoprene such as, the Collapsible Neoprene Koozies, or Hard Foam like the Foam Koozies. They can be  folded or firmly stacked to save space.

It is also a perfect promotional product. You can tell your colleagues or acquaintances how you’ve found the perfect marketing item for the business. Economically cheap koozies are also perfect for resale at outdoor activities such as going to an air show, rodeo, or theme park. Your clients will remember the instance due to the koozies you gave them.

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