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Contact us right away for your personalized koozies applied charity and military koozie discounts!

Call 518-964-1018, or email, to request a discount code to use on the order form or to work personally with a sales representative. strongly believes in giving back to the Community that supports us; thus, a portion from each sale is donated to various charities and organizations that we support. is also constantly offering free koozies and large discounts to charity organizations, fundraisers, and non-profits for their own custom koozies. So whether you call them Koozies, Personalized Koozies, Customized Koozies, or Custom Koozies, or, whether you spell the word Koozies with a “C”; like Coozies, Personalized Coozies, Custom Coozies, or whether you call them – Beer Coolies – Beer Coolers – Beer Huggies – Beer Huggers – Can Coolies, or Can Koozies… know that you, the customer, by purchasing your custom koozies at are always supporting your local community for a better tomorrow!!

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