1. Printed Party Koozies

    May 20, 2011 by KoozieZ

    It’s a Koozie for a Party!!!

    Get your party koozies today with koozieZ.com. We have the Best Prices on your Printed Party Koozies!

    I love turkey and koozies

    I love turkey and koozies

    What to Print:

    You can print anything on this koozies. The printing options vary depending on the koozie style you choose.

    Foam Koozie Printing:

    With a foam koozie you are able to wrap text and images all around the koozies or have doubled sided print no problem. However, only one ink color is able to be printed on  the foam koozie.

    Neoprene Koozie Printing:

    With the Neoprene koozie you can print either single-ink or multi-color ink. You can print on both sides of the koozie but a wrap around style is not available.

    Fabric Koozie Printing:

    With the Fabric Koozie you can choose single-sided and or double-sided or even FULL COLOR. Minus the wrap around printing the fabric koozies gives you a lot of option and ways to personazlie your koozie to fit your occasion. The Fabric koozie is a soft spongy material and is durable enough to go through a very hot printing process that allows you to print a full color picture of your dog.

    Choose you koozie style and get it customized and printed for your wedding!!!

  2. Cheap Party Koozies

    by KoozieZ

    Looking for Cheap Party Koozies?

    Party Koozies

    If you feel like throwing a party, surprise your friends and guests by giving away Cheap Party Koozies! KoozieZ.com, has party koozies for the most economical prices on the web, guaranteed! Don’t wait any longer and submit your koozies order!

       Parties are among the most memorable things we do in life, and we all love and cherish a good party. The best host is one who takes care of all his guests and keeps them entertained and waited at all times. It takes hard work to throw a good party, and a decent amount of capital to invest in it. A very helpful item and possible centerpiece at such an event is a Koozie. Can Koozies are an excellent souvenir for your guests, everyone wants to prolong their beer or beverages’ chill. Two of the most popular koozie styles available for cans are the Neoprene Koozies and the Foam Kooziez.

    Foam Kooziez are especially popular in pool parties, beach parties, and fishing tournaments because of their floating nature. On the other hand, Neoprene Koozies are more popular in house parties, sporting events, and pubs or bars. Whichever style you choose, we’re positive you’ll be pleased with the product!

  3. Promotional Party Koozies

    by KoozieZ

    The Final Koozie Party

    Order your Promotional Party Koozies today with koozieZ.com. We guarantee the Best Prices on the internet

    Bank Promo Koozie

    Bank Promo Koozie

    A Koozie Ramble:

    Here we go we have a koozie to ramble about to start. I love rambling about koozies. They are fun and sporty and flirty. They can have clip art or just plain texts. They are great for  promotional parties and great way to get your business known.

     We love promotional party koozies. People love getting koozie swag especially when it is personalized.

     Many law firms like to work with koozie companies to help get their name out there to the younger generations who like to drink and drive and need to remember a lawyer’s name when they are drinking and driving, just in case they get caught and need a lawyer for help them.

     Dentist offices like to make koozies for promotional items, so in case you some one got punched in the face  and loos a couple teeth all you have to do while laying out on the concert. Dr. Smiley will get me all fixed up. You can then go home a sleep like a baby then call Dr. Smily later on.

    These are reasons why promotional koozies work so well!

  4. Annual Party Koozies

    by KoozieZ

    Looking for Annual Party Koozies?

    Now that you are here – Please know that KoozieZ.com offers Annual Party Koozies at the best prices, guaranteed! Order your Annual Party Koozies now!

    A koozie in Party Mode

    A koozie in Party Mode

    Special Koozies

    Now we have absolutely definitely for sure found  a Special Koozie named “Annual Party Koozies”. Today Koozies are great products applied to our weekly life . Similarly, people love using party koozies in all parties or just to lounge in front of the T.V. It really is a smart habit to get used to using koozies all day every day.

    Koozies can keep your drink cooler during a longer period of time without getting wetness in your hands. Koozies always keep your hands dry and allow you to sit back relax and enjoy your cool drink during parties . Party Koozies really are close things to many koozie lovers hearts .

    Check more Koozies Pool Koozies , hunting Koozies , Green Koozies . Annual Parties are amongst the many things to use koozies for but by no means the ONLY thing.

    Koozies are especially great for children who find it too chilling and slippery for their hands these small fold-able holders can be easily accommodated in purses and pockets.

    Enjoy your Party with Annual Party Koozies. 🙂 🙂

  5. Beach Party Koozies

    by KoozieZ

    Looking for Beach Party Koozies?

    KoozieZ.com offers Beach Party Koozies at the best prices, guaranteed! Order your Beach Party Koozies now!

    It is time to enjoy the sand and the sun!! You have the sunglasses, sunblock, a whole bunch of chilled beers in your cooler…hmmm ain’t you forgetting something? Yes, there is no complete beach party without the colorful and   totally useful party koozies.

    First, they keep your beer, energy drinks and all your beverages cold for longer. Second, they keep everything dry, so no sand sticking all over your hands and your drink’s container. Third -and this is what I like the most- Koozies are made of rubbery material available in so many vibrant colors that you can complete with your own personal design or a cool clip art from kooziez.com beach art gallery.

    Beach party custom koozies at kooziez.com

    Beach party custom koozies at kooziez.com

    These Beach Party koozies are the perfect beach accessory. They easily fit in your beach bag or tote and they are really lightweight.

    Planning a beach bachelorette party, a cruise trip, wedding or honey moon at the beach? Beach party koozies are affordable, usable and they look fantastic!

    KoozieZ offers a variety of different custom koozie styles. Check out our  Cheap Koozies Koozies, Promotional Camo Koozies, Black Koozies, Clip Art for Zipper Koozies and Party Neoprene Koozies.

  6. Party Koozies for Events

    by KoozieZ

    Looking for Party Koozies for Events?

    KoozieZ.com offers Party Koozies for event at the best prices, guaranteed! Order your Party Koozies for event now!

    Party Koozies can also be personalized for business, fundraising, family reunions and wedding events. No matter what is your event motif we can have a party koozie especially made for it.

    Party koozies are the kind of gift that everyone wants to receive in an event, because it is truly useful. When using a koozie your drink -any kind of drink, not only beers- will remain icy cold for longer. The koozies are made out of a rubbery strong material that is called neoprene which makes the koozie super durable. When you hand out koozies in your party the guests will be delighted and will want to take them home. These things are easy-to-fold and storage, and they can be used once and once again.

    If you are planning a promotional event, to get your potential customers to know your brand, your logo and products the party koozies will carry on the task! No one will throw away a nice beer hugger – and your contact information will be right there-

    Personalized party koozies in a business event at kooziez.com

    Personalized party koozies in a business event at kooziez.com

    If it is a fundraising event you are on, party customized koozies will be a great alternative that won’t cost you much. Get your personalized party koozies from kooziez.com today and check our great prices and outstanding customer service.

  7. Keg Party Koozies

    by KoozieZ

    Looking for Keg Party Koozies ?

    KoozieZ.com offers Keg Party Koozies at the best prices, guaranteed! Order your Keg Party Koozies now!

    Keg Party, anyone? Oh yeah!! Keg parties don’t need much planning, I mean it is not like we are wedding planners, we only need our basement, a couple friends, some music and of course, our keg. Even though we are so experienced at this that we can get our keg party together in just an hour or so, if you have some time to get prepared,  wouldn’t it be cool to have some customized keg party koozies especially designed for this occasion. Sure it is!

    Party koozies are really nice, because these things can keep the temperature of your glass of beer nice and chill for long periods of time, while keeping your hands dry. Besides, the koozies come in awesome colors -you will see what I mean when you look at you party pictures, the koozie colors are really bright-

    Full color Keg Party Koozies from kooziez.com

    Full color Keg Party Koozies from kooziez.com

    Remember these koozies are customizable, and you can have the craziest designs printed on them, so this will be a fun item to have. It won’t cost you too much money and you will have something cool to make your keg party a blast!.

  8. Party Bottle Koozies

    by KoozieZ

    Looking for Party Bottle Koozies?

    KoozieZ.com offers Party Bottle Koozies at the best prices, guaranteed! Order your Party Bottle Koozies now!

    We all know how important is to drink enough water everyday. Drinking enough water will make us less prone to dehydration and will help your body to function properly. We can see more and more people carrying around their water bottles, not only when they exercise but also on every outdoor activity. Taking a water bottle with you is a really good habit. Give yourself a little motivation to carry your water bottle around and use a personalized bottle koozie. Yes, you can have your personalized bottle koozie in your favorite color or pattern. Why not having a with a powerful inspirational message printed on it, something to cheer your up every time you see it. There are no limits in bottle koozie design.

    Water bottle koozie for parties at kooziez.com

    Water bottle koozie for parties at kooziez.com

    Water bottles are so popular that bottle koozies are now a trendy item to be given as party favor. There are places where you can get bottle koozies in different colors with custom designs for a very affordable price. Don’t wait more, live a healthy live, go out and enjoy the world. Drink plenty of water but do it in style! Share this new habits with friends, family and clients. Water bottle koozies are great party gifts for birthday and weddings.


    Cellebrate Party Koozies with different styles like  Party Koozies for Event , Birthday party Koozies , Pool Party Koozies and more.

  9. Party Beer Koozies

    by KoozieZ

    Looking for Party Beer Koozies ?

    KoozieZ.com offers Party Beer Koozies at the best prices, guaranteed! Order your Party Beer Koozies now!

    When the weather is hot I like to get in the pool and enjoy a nice icy cold beer. Apparently I am not the only one, because I often have my friends visiting just to do the same. During hot summer weekends we like to fire up the grill and hang around the pool to share stories and enjoy the sun. Some time ago, I ordered customized party beer koozies because I thought they looked cool. The colors are bright and you can have funny clip arts printed on them.

    At the beginning I was a little concerned about the cost of these party accessories but I was soon comforted to see they weren’t that expensive at all. Believe or not, you can have  -let’s say-  25 pieces made of high quality neoprene material with a personalized design for less than a hundred bucks. The beer koozies are quite durable, and you can use them once and once again, so this is a good deal.

    Party camo beer koozie at kooziez.com

    Party camo beer koozie at kooziez.com

    The next time you are planning a party don’t think it twice and get your party beer koozies. Koozies are a trendy and useful!

  10. Collapsible Party Koozies

    by KoozieZ

    Looking for Collapsible Party Koozies ?

    KoozieZ.com offers Collapsible Party Koozies at the best prices, guaranteed! Order your Collapsible Party Koozies now!

    We usually think koozies are only for beer drinkers, but that is far to be completely truth. Koozies are made out of neoprene material that is kind of rubbery, as in diving suits. What I am trying to explain here is that neoprene material can isolate any beverage and keep it chilled, not only beers. Personalized Koozies have become a very popular item in children’s birthday parties these days, to be used in sodas and juice drinks. Party koozies will not  only keep their little hands dry while keeping their drinks cold, koozies will look great also!

    Collapsible koozies customized for parties and events at kooziez.com

    Collapsible koozies customized for parties and events at kooziez.com

    That neoprene material is also lightweight and it can be folded so kids and teens can put them in their pockets or purses and take them anywhere. Here party koozies can be personalized with clip art designs, different fonts and your personal sayings to make a unique item to hand out at your party. This is a gift that won’t cost you too much money and everyone will like to take home.

    KoozieZ offers a variety of different Custom Koozies styles, including Collapsible Can Koozies and Neoprene Beer Koozies .