1. What is a koozie?

    April 9, 2010 by KoozieZ

    A Kooze is…

    Koozie [koo-zee] – noun: A koozie is a neoprene, fabric or foam device that is designed to keep your beverage in your bottle and/or can cold (or hot!) while keeping your hand at a normal temperature. Think of a Koozie like a jacket for your beverage that maintains it at the desired temperature. Your very own portable insulation device!

    -Synonyms: koozie, cozy, koozy, coolie, beer hugger, can cooler, huggie, cozie, coozie

    At KoozieZ.com we can customize any koozie so that not only will the koozie serve its purpose as a refreshing beverage temperature regulator, but will show the world that you have your personalized koozies exactly the way you want them!

    KoozieZ.com, we’ve got it covered!

    Koozie functions

    A koozie has two functions: 1) to keep the consumer’s hand at a comfortable temperature while; 2) keep the beverage cold.

    Types of common Koozie

    koozies are easy to customize and come in an array of different styles, including:

    • Collapsible Fabric koozie
      • The most economical koozie, this very portable style can easily go anywhere with you…


    • Slip-on Bottle koozie
      • Slim & streamlined, our fabric bottle design easily slips over any 12 oz bottled beverage of your choice…


    • Foam koozies
      • Uniquely styled out of thick foam, this free-standing koozie style provides your bottled or canned beverage with a…


    • Water Bottle koozies
      • No longer just for cans and bottles, this water bottle koozie is a great option for any type of event…


    • Collapsible Neoprene koozie
      • The cadillac of koozies, this neoprene bottle koozie comes with a sassy little zipper…


    • Zip Up Bottle koozie
      • Constructed out of high quality wetsuit material, this koozie ultra-durable…


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  2. Get the cheapest personalized koozies online

    April 6, 2010 by KoozieZ

    Personalized Beer Koozies make the perfect party favor!

    Planning parties is never an easy task. Whether you pride yourself on being the perfect host or hostess (Monica from Friends anyone?!?) or dread your mile long to-do list, including the laborious tasks of choosing a cake (don’t forget the trim and frosting!) and sending out (what seems like 1000s of) invitations, there is one element that KoozieZ.com has got covered, the party favors: Personalized Beer Koozies.

    Foam koozie

    Personalized Beer Koozies

    Personalized Beer Koozies are the perfect party favor for any adult get-together! Whether the event is a wedding, fraternity formal or a 50th birthday celebration, personalized beer koozies are sure to be a hit with your guests, not to mention the guest of honor!

    If the reasons aren’t obvious, I’ve taken the liberty to spell it out! 🙂

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    Personalized Beer Koozies keep your beer cold

    What’s better than an ice cold beer? An ice cold beer that stays ice cold! Koozies ensure that the last sip of your beer is just as icey cold as the first. Imagine…It’s 4 of July and your celebrating Independence Day with a weekend getaway to the local lake, or maybe a backyard barbacue with friends and family. Regardless, you’re sure to be jonesing for a cold brew under the hot summer sun. KoozieZ.com to the rescue!

    Personalized Beer Koozies show that you really care

    Anyone can throw a party, and about half of those can throw a good party, but only a select few can throw a great party! What makes a party great? The details! People will remember the little things for years to come, and nothing says, “I care” like a personalized beer koozie! Choose the color, image, quote, etc…Make it special and make those memories!

    Personlized Beer Koozies can be used long after the event is over

    If you’re looking to make a lasting impression upon your guests, ensure that they remember the festivities for days, weeks, even years to come! KoozieZ.com offers extremely high quality personalized beer koozies at the lowest prices, guaranteeing that they’ll hold a special place in your guests cupboards for many moons. So, everytime they want to crack open a nice, icey cold brew, your personalized beer koozie will come to the rescue, reminding them of a time well spent. Also, personalized beer koozies are great marketing materials!

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