1. Customized Beer Can Koozies

    May 21, 2011 by KoozieZ

    Looking for Customized Beer Can Koozies ?

    KoozieZ.com offers Customized Beer Can Koozies at the best prices, guaranteed! Order your Customized Beer Can Koozies now!

    Customized Beer Can Koozies are a wonderful Koozies.This Personalized Can Koozies is as classy as they come! The ideal way to keep your favorite drink cold, our Customized Beer Can Koozies looks high-brow and high-tech.

    The problem of cold hands while drinking is solved, it is easy to fold and will keep all your drinks at the right temperature. The Koozie Customized Beer Can Koozies is made of neoprene, a material of which diving suits are made of. This material isolates en protects. Your drink will keep the right temperature 4 times longer.

    Makes a great personalized gift for your groomsmen or best man.

    The Foam Kooziez with more categories, few of them are :-

    1) Foam Beer Kooziez .

    2) Pink Foam Kooziez .

    3) Custom Foam Kooziez .

  2. Customized Beer Koozies

    by KoozieZ

    Looking for Customized Beer Koozies ?

    KoozieZ.com offers Customized Beer Koozies at the best prices, guaranteed! Order your Customized Beer Koozies now!

    This Beer Koozies is also a perfect promotion product. The problem of cold hands while drinking is solved, it is easy to fold and will keep all your drinks at the right temperature. This koozie can be used at events or business parties including your own logo or text, your sponsor or name of the event.

    Also we have Neoprene Koozies , coozies .

    Specifications :-

    1. Great business gift

    2. Promotion product

    3. Available in multiple colors

    4. Striking appearance

    5. Perfect fit for all cans

  3. Customized Neoprene Koozies

    by KoozieZ

    Looking for Customized Neoprene Koozies ?

    KoozieZ.com offers Customized Neoprene Koozies at the best prices, guaranteed! Order your Customized Neoprene Koozies now!

    Customized Neoprene Koozies are fun to embellish. Use embroidery, fabric, ribbons, rickrack, beads and on and on. You only limited by your imagination.

    Constructed out of high quality wetsuit material, this high-tech koozie sports both stitched and glued seams, making this koozie ultra-durable.
    This particular can-sized model is designed and is foldable, fitting neatly into your pocket, handbag, or wherever you choose to store this super beverage cooler.

    Order Collapsible Green Koozies , Crawfish Boil Koozies , Personalized can Koozies , Promotional Can Koozies many more koozies Now !!

    Neoprene material has a long-lasting cool effect on your beverages and can easily be washed and reused again and again for lasting cool beverage satisfaction.

  4. Neoprene Koozie

    May 14, 2011 by KoozieZ

    Looking for Neoprene Koozies?

    Zipper Neoprene Koozies

    Here at KoozieZ.com,  we offer Neoprene Koozies at the best prices available in the market, guaranteed! Purchase your Neoprene Koozies today!

    KoozieZ offers a variety of styles, colors, clip art images and fonts for your Neoprene Koozies. Read more below!

    At KoozieZ, we honestly believe that customer value and satisfaction is the top priority. For that reason, in addition to our high quality product and superb customer service, we offer our customers a Best Price Guarantee! Click here to review our guarantee!

    Neoprene Koozies – Style

    KoozieZ offers two different neoprene koozie styles, including Zipper Neoprene Bottle Koozie and Collapsible Neoprene Can Koozie.

    Collapsible Neoprene Can Koozie

    The Collapsible Neoprene Can Koozie is constructed out of high quality wetsuit material, and therefore super durable. This particular can-sized model is designed with the average 12 oz beverage can in mind and is foldable, fitting neatly into your pocket, handbag, or wherever you choose to store this super beverage cooler.

    Zipper Neoprene Bottle Koozie

    The Zipper Neoprene Bottle Koozie is made of neoprene and often referred to as “the cadillac of koozies”. This particular style of Neoprene Koozie comes with a zipper, making your koozie experience both fun and functional. The neoprene koozie’s zipper comes with a ring for fast and easy zippering, a bottom for minimal slip on slick surfaces and is made of high-quality wetsuit material.

    Neoprene Koozies – Color

    Personalize your neoprene koozie with color! Color can say a 1000 words, so be sure to choose the best one for your particular event. We offer most colors for most styles, including blue, red, green, camo, pink & more!

    Neoprene Koozies – Clip Art

    KoozieZ provides its customers with an extensive clip art library. So, you can rest assured that you’ll find the perfect image for your koozie. From wedding koozies to sports koozies to koozies for a backyard BBQ, we’re confident that you’ll find all the right tools at KoozieZ to make these custom items more than just a Neoprene holder, but a memory as well!

    Neoprene Koozies – Text

    Often the last step, text, including the color, font and message, is an important element of your custom neoprene koozie design. Take into consideration the message that you want to get across, and whether the Neoprene koozie is for a corporate, family or charity event, as this will dictate the type of font. Feeling overwhelmed, don’t worry! The team at KoozieZ is here to help. Contact us with any and all questions about ordering your personalized neoprene koozies!

    Contact Us about Neoprene Koozies

    If you’re having trouble finding the clip art and text color you need for your cheap personalized custom neoprene koozies, or plain just can’t make up your mind, then feel free to give us a call or shoot us an email!

    Please contact us at support@kooziez.com, at 850-615-1585 or at Skype at kooziez.

    More Information on Neoprene Koozies

    Here are some links to pages that talk more about the style and events that Neoprene koozies are appropriate for:

  5. NFL Neoprene Koozies

    May 6, 2011 by KoozieZ

    NFL Neoprene Koozies for all Teams

    We are the best at KoozieZ.com and we have all your NFL Neoprene Koozies at the best prices, guaranteed! Order NFL Neoprene Koozies now!

    Luna's Flag Football Team

    Luna’s Flag Football Team

    GO TEAM!!!

    Neoprene koozies are a great option for your NFL koozies. We have clip ar for all American Football Teams. They make great gifts for a Super Bowl Party.   When the Tampa Bay Buccaneers went to the Super Bowl years ago my dad had purchased customized foam koozies that were orange with a white Bucs Logo. He wanted to use the throwback colors. The koozie were a hit.

    NFL koozies made of neoprene will keep your be exceptionally chilled throughout the hole game. If you are not big drinker do not worry that neoprene koozie will keep the beer at the PERFECT temperature.  Pop open that can koozie at kick off and by the end of the game the beer temperature will have barely changed.  That is why I love NFL koozies for much especially when they are personalized.

    Football is as American as Koozies and that is why they go hand and hand. Koozies are also good for Tail Gating out in the hot sun.

    Order your NFL koozies with us and be sure to check out the BBQ koozies that we have available!

  6. Nascar Neoprene Koozies

    by KoozieZ

     Love Your Nascar Neoprene Koozies

    KoozieZ.com offers the best Nascar Neoprene Koozies at the best prices, guaranteed! Do you like Nascar Neoprene Koozies? Order now!

    Birthday Nascar Koozie

    Birthday Nascar Koozie

    Team Koozie

    Nascar Neoprene Koozies will be your favorite Koozies. Have a drink with the your favorite team. This insulated drink holder slips snugly over most standard bottles or cans.

    Terrific design features offered for most teams with their official logo. All Nascar koozies are made of the durable neoprene material. Personalize this durable neoprene koozie with a picture of your favorite nascar racers. Bring to all the Nascar events and maybe you will get lucky and meet that racer and he will sign you koozie. The neoprene will last FOREVER and considering the racer signed it, the koozie will have a higher value.

    Chill your drinks in racing style! The koozie will make your day at the  races vibrant and NASCAR will be proud to have such a HUGE supporter. We all love Nascar and Neoprene and they together like two peas in a pod. They both are about as American as they come.

    Celebrate a Party with  Koozies :- Party Koozies for Event , Birthday party Koozies , Pool Party Koozies and many more Party Koozies are waiting for you order Now !!

  7. Promotional Neoprene Koozies

    by KoozieZ

    Promotional Neoprene Koozies ?

    KoozieZ.com has a variety of  Promotional Neoprene Koozies at the best prices, guaranteed! Look at our  Promotional Neoprene Koozies options now!

    We Support Koozies

    A Soldier Promoting Koozies

    Koozies Make a Great Promotional Item

    Lot of companies strive to impress their potential customers. They will  go to all ends of the globe searching for the most effective marketing tools.  KoozieZ.com offers you a one stop promotional koozie shop for your marketing needs. Create customized koozies with your logo on it for your marketing events and promotional pleasures. Koozies can be personalized with any clip art or photo graph you want. We have designers working around the clock to product the best quality koozies.  Images can be printed in a single color ink or if you are feeling extra fantasy then go ahead and put a FULL COLOR logo on you koozies.  Full Color Logos only work on fabric koozies but single color designs can be used to neoprene, fabric and foam koozies. Neoprene koozies are the nicest quality of koozie available on the market and last the longest. Using the neoprene koozies for promotional items will boast your standards and respectability.  Use your personalized promotion koozies for any and ALL marketing events that you have in the year 2012.

  8. Neoprene Koozies for BBQs

    by KoozieZ

    Get Neoprene Koozies for Your BBQs ?

    KoozieZ.com has the best Neoprene Koozies for BBQs at the best prices, guaranteed! Click here to order your Neoprene Koozies for BBQs now!

    Doug at the BBQ Beach Party!!!

    Doug at the BBQ Beach Party!!!

    BBQ with Koozies

    A lot of BBQ’s are done as Block Parties. A Block Party is usually something a neighborhood does at the end of the summer before the kids go back to school.  The sun is HOT and koozies are needed to for all the sodas and beers, so they do not get hot.  Personalizing the koozie for your BBQ gives a nice custom touch to the party. If you had a BBQ back in 1992 and made custom koozies then I would be bet most of the guest still had the koozies in 2002. Neoprene koozies just are that durable so they last for YEARS. The quality of the material can be comparable to walrus skin, tough, durable and insulated.

    Walruses are a lot like a neoprene-koozies in terms of insulation. The walrus stays warm ALWAYS no matter how cold the water is that the walrus is swimming in is. Actually the nickname for my FAVORITE koozies Walrus. It is a  Hot Pink Neoprene Koozies with a picure of a shrimp.

  9. Clip Art for Neoprene Koozies

    by KoozieZ

    Choosing Clip Art for Neoprene Koozies

    KoozieZ.com has a huge collection of Clip Art for Neoprene Koozies and offer the design prices, guaranteed! Order your Personalized Koozies now!

    Clip Art Koozies

    Clip Art Koozies

    Clip Art Library

    Koozie Clip Art can be just about anything. Create your very own or have our skilled designers do it for you.We offer the best clip art for weddings, birthday parties, company parties, marketing events, fundraiser,s promotional events, BBQs, bachelor and bachelorette parties, Welcome Home Parties, Graduation Parties and Much, Much , Much More. The list goes on and we have clip art for EVERY occasion. Our koozie never go bare to the event or party the are usually very festive and are made customize for the event.

    Neoprene koozies are  a great quality and will last for years. All of our customers love neoprene koozies and they love to personalize them to have custom clip art that they chose from our koozie library. Personalizing clip art for koozies is also possible and our designer can create what ever you think of. Just place the orderand contact our office to speak with a designer today.  We will help you out from the first minute we answer the phone and not just because it is our job BUT because we want to.

  10. Make my Own Neoprene Koozies

    by KoozieZ

    Want to Make my Own Neoprene Koozies ?

    KoozieZ.com offers Make my Own Neoprene Koozies at the best prices, guaranteed! Order your Make my Own Neoprene Koozies now!

    Any Way You Want It

    Any Way You Want It

    Koozies In the Industry

    For a fun promotional item that keeps your beverages insulated and your popularity at the highest status chose a customized koozie. Personalized Neoprene Koozies are a great thing to show off on the run way. Many top fashion designers use koozies as accessories for their models on the run way. Sometimes they drink from the koozie and sometimes they are drinking from Bottle Koozies. Whatever the case maybe, koozies remain among one of the most popular accessories in fashion today.

    What Kenneth Cole Says about Koozies

    Kenneth believes that koozies are a statement of individuality, an accessory that can classify a person social status. In his professional opinion, he went on to say that bottle koozies are most sophisticated and hip when they are made by him. He loves to create his very own custom koozies with koozieZ.com and wouldn’t go to any other online koozie shop out their!