1. Printed Lime Green Koozies

    May 3, 2011 by KoozieZ

    Koozies Have Multiple Uses

    Purchasing customized koozies can be a fun and exciting event you share with friends and family.  Start a group email and ask everyone for input as to what you should design for your customized koozies.  Start a survey and have everyone vote on the top 5 slogans that would be best to include on your koozie order.  Koozies can be designed for just about any purpose or event from barbecues to funerals.  They can be personalized with whatever message works best for you and your event.

    Thanksgiving Koozies

    Thanksgiving Koozies

    When Can I Put A Slogan On My Koozie?

    You can use slogans on your koozies for just about any event under the sun!  Happy or sad, koozies have a unique way of presenting guests, friends and family members with a personalized message they’ll be able to remember for years to come.  Best of all, koozies can be used again and again so the message never stops giving.  Check out this list below for what kind of events you can order koozies for.

    1. Funerals

    2. Birthday parties

    3. Dog birthdays

    4. Celebrating an anniversary

    5. Baby showers

    6. Motivational Messages

    7. To welcome newcomers to the neighborhood

    8. To tell your friends to go home

    9. As a holiday gift for your co-workers

    10. Share your joy and love of chocolate.

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  2. Cheap Lime Green Koozies

    by KoozieZ

    Budget Friendly Koozies

    With the economy acting the way it has been and no clear end in sight, it seems like everyone’s on a budget these days!  Mentioning bargains and sales, once considered a terrible faux-pas have now become the norm.  High end bankers to the single mom with three jobs, everyone’s looking for ways to save a little dough!  One of the most economical products you can invest in is the personalized koozie.  Customized koozies have tons of great uses and can be used in many different ways!  Check out the list below for ideas on how to use your koozies in more ways than just one.

    Green Koozies for Bottles

    Green Koozies for Bottles

    Great Koozie Uses

    1. Keep beverages at a refreshing temperature by placing a koozie around your cup, can or bottle.

    2. Keep warm beverages from getting too cool too quickly by placing a koozie around your cup o’joe or tea.

    3. Use beer koozies as potholders for items coming out of the microwave.

    4. Hang them as decorations for birthday parties – arrange them to spell out Happy Birthday.

    5. Arrange hard foam koozies in a pyramid shape on the floor and go bowling with socks.

    6. Use koozies on dog’s paws when they step out in the chilly temperatures to keep their tootsies warm.

    7. Create personalized koozies as party favors for your friend’s 30th birthday.

    8. Customize koozies for your grandmother’s retirement celebration.

    9. Store your hard drive and prevent it from gathering dust.

    10. As a rest for your wrist for those who spend long hours in front of a computer.


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  3. Promotional Lime Green Koozies

    by KoozieZ

    Promotional Lime Green Koozies

    Going to South Africa can be an adventure.  Scaling one of the world’s tallest mountains can be an adventure.  Being an entrepreneur and owning your own business can definitely be an adventure!  From the initial thrill of ordering your first personalized business card koozies to re-vamping your business 5 years down the road to handing over a successful business plan to your kids, owning your own business can be a crazy roller coaster of fun that can only be described as thrilling!  Any good business owner can tell you, one of the most important ways to maintain your customers and draw new business is through promotions.  Promotional koozies are an excellent item to keep on hand and pass it at an event, a bar, a trade show, even a barbeque!

    Koozies for Promotions

    Koozies for Promotions

    Using Koozies As Promotional Items

    Always be sure to include the name of your business and contact information (phone number, url and email address) on your personalized koozies and promotional items.  Customize your koozies with a design specialist so you can be sure you’re getting exactly what your growing business deserves!  Research impact of colors on various businesses so that your koozie color and ink color combination really target the effect your hoping to have.  Stash koozies in your car, hand bag even have beer koozies in your pocket if you think there’s even a chance that you could run into someone who could possibly become a future client of yours.

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  4. BBQ Lime Green Koozies

    by KoozieZ

    Bottle Koozies For a Barbeque

    Spring turns to summer and there’s a certain buzz in the air.  People are excited to get out of work at the end of the day and enjoy the warm weather.  Friends and family members gather for refreshing beverages with personalized koozies on them to keep them nice and cool.  Family get togethers and friendly barbeques are planned throughout the summer months.  Customized koozies are an integral part of your summer celebrations to make people feel more comfortable, keep them happy and more importantly add to their koozie collection!

    neoprene custom koozie

    neoprene custom koozie

    How Do I Design My Barbeque Koozies?

    The important things to keep in mind when designing your personalized koozies are your audience, your event and what message you’d like to communicate.  Planning a barbeque more geared towards a work function? The classic foam koozie stands on its own and has a large, wide print area.  Put business logos on one side and the date and a slogan on the other for co-workers to take home with them.  Friendly barbeques benefit from the laid back style of the collapsible fabric koozie, economical, flexible and easy to store.  For family barbeques choose one of the more polished neoprene styles; spend a little extra on your loved ones!


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  5. Lime Green Wedding Koozies

    by KoozieZ

    Lime Green Wedding Koozies

    Planning a summer wedding?  There sure is a lot to coordinate and a whole bunch of decisions you’ll need to make.  Many of these decisions will be made with family and your husband or wife to be.  On the other hand, some decisions are so easy, you won’t even have to think twice.  Ordering koozies as wedding favors, koozies for shower favors and even customzied koozies for engagement announcements is one decision you won’t regret and is easily made.

    koozies for engagement

    koozies for engagement

    What should I Put On My Koozie?

    The average personalized koozie generally has about 3×3 inches of space to work with, print on, etc. You can fill the entire print area with ink or print one single letter.  Generally for wedding favor koozies, couples will add their names and the date of their big celebration in addition to a small piece of celebratory clipart.  Wedding shower koozies often feature a monogrammed letter of the couple’s last name as well as their names and the date of their upcoming event.  Engagement koozies tend to be a bit more lighthearted and designed by the bride’s best friend or someone close to the couple.  Engagment koozies generally include a funny joke personal to the couple and their close friends and family as well as the date of the big day.

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  6. Luau Koozies

    by KoozieZ

    Looking for Luau Koozies?

    Planning a Luau can be an excellent summer treat or just what the doctor ordered to chase away those winter blues.  There are endless decorations for luau celebrations that can be as simple as a blank koozie or as complicated as a fully personalized koozie with your event name and date on it.  Even more fantastic, the luau is a party friendly idea for those on a budget or the party-planner who’s got a bit of extra dough to spend.

    Cheap Personalized Koozies

    Cheap personalized koozies

    Planning Your Luau with Koozies

    Planning a party takes a bit of organization even if it’s just something you and your friends threw together at the last minute.  Lime green koozies with no printing can be put out as a fun craft project for guests to enjoy while they’re socializing (add glue, stickies and fun markers so guests can have fun decorating).  Having a more formal party?  Order customized koozies for guests to enjoy while they’re there and add to their koozie collection when they get home.  Koozies serve double duty at house parties making sure no rings are left on the furniture all while keeping guests’ beverages a refreshing cool temperature.  Looking for something even more creative?  Create lei’s out of koozies and pass them out to guests as they come in!


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  7. Lime Green Bottle Koozies

    by KoozieZ

    Looking for Green Bottle Koozies ?

    KoozieZ.com offers Lime Green Bottle Koozies at the best prices, guaranteed! Order your Lime Green Bottle Koozies now!

    Lime Green Bottle coolers for all your soda’s and beers, the Koozie Can Cooler.

    This koozie can be used at events or business parties including your own logo or text, your sponsor or name of the event.

    Secondly it is a clever trendy product, a beautiful gift for your business associates or clients to promote your company with for example your company logo printed or stitched. It is also a perfect promotion product.

    These Koozies are under the Bottle Koozies , few of them are Green Bottle Koozies and Camo Bottle Koozies and etc.

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  8. Lime Green Beer Koozies

    by KoozieZ

    Lime Green Is A Great Koozie Color

    Colors can have a marvelous affect on our lives.  It is incredible how different each person can feel about various shades of the color spectrum.  Give one person a red koozie and they may love it; give it to the wrong person and they may feel stressed out just seeing the color red!  Show someone a lime green koozie and 9 times out of 10 they’re bound to love it!  Check out the list below for some great uses for lime green.  Keep it in your life as much as possible to stay positive and happy all the time!

    Bright Colored Koozies

    Bright Colored Koozies

    Top 10 Great uses for Lime Green including  but not limited to koozies

    Excellent ways to incorporate lime green in your everyday life:

    1. Lime green jello.

    2. Personalized koozies in lime green.

    3.  A lime green fiesta with koozies, Mexican beer and margaritas.

    4. A pool party with floats, refreshing beverages and lime green customized koozies.

    5. A collar for your dog – keep him happy too!.

    6. Throw pillows add an extra splash of color to an otherwise drab living room!

    7. Invite friends over after work and have lime green cocktails and drinks seved in custom koozies.

    8. Order a lime green coffee cup set and start each day with this cheery color.

    9. Lime green pasta bowl and strainer make cooking more fun.

    10. Bathroom accents in lime green istantly brighten this small space.

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  9. Collapsible Lime Green Koozies

    by KoozieZ

    Lime Green Koozies in Everyday Life

    Studies show that being around positive people and bright colors are instant mood lifters. Listening to music with light undertones and surrounding yourself with positive, happy thoughts are great ways to be happy and positive yourself!  Looking to make a life change?  Lime green koozies are an excellent way to add a little touch of something bright and special into your daily life.  The sunny, warm color of the lime green koozie makes it an instant hit and is sure to have an immediate impact on your day.

    Lime Green Zipper Koozies

    Lime Green Zipper Koozies

    Motivational Koozies

    Another way to keep yourself in high spirits is to surround yourself with motivational people and quotes.  Customize koozies with several of your favorite motivational quotes and inspirational thoughts.  Koozies are an excellent low budget, eco-friendly way to keep your drinks cool!  Order personalized koozies for a friend or family member going through a difficult time and they’re sure to look at their koozies and smile.  Create your own slogan for your group of friends and surprise them with koozies at your next get together!  The best part about them is they’re easily shared and easily personalized giving each and every person the opportunity to share their inspiration with the world!


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  10. Lime Green Can Koozies

    by KoozieZ

    Green Koozies Are Gender Neutral

    Having a unisex wedding shower?  Planning a baby shower but not interested in revealing the gender?  Green and blue have long been the accepted colors of gender neutral events.  Purchase customized koozies as favors in lime green.  They’re a perfect fit for a wedding shower if the couple is concerned about colors looking too girly or masculine. Personalized koozies in lime green are a fantastic choice for gender neutral or gender reveal baby showers for the very same reason.

    Baby Shower Koozies

    Baby Shower Koozies

    Planning a gender reveal baby shower?

    Koozies are a great way to add a little fun to the mix.  Personalize koozies in lime green and do a fun baby design on one side in royal blue and on the other side in hot pink!  Keep guests guessing with your double-sided koozie design.  Doing a gender reveal?  Order custom koozies with baby’s name in lime green with the ink color of your choice and pass them out to guests as they’re on their way home.  You’ll keep them excited and on their toes ’til the very last second!  Fun gender reveals are always a neat way to remember the good times had by you and your friends and family at the party.


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