1. Koozie Cups

    July 3, 2011 by KoozieZ

    Custom and Personalized Koozie Cups

    Cups are available through our koozieZ.com website.   We have HUGE variety of koozie cups for you to view.

    Another great product that we offer are koozie cups. Just like koozies the cups can be customized and personalized to how ever you want. We love customizing cups. Choose the cup in your favorite color in the crayola box and choose your favorite font to start the customization process. Then all you have to do is send us over all the details of your order and we will create a proof of your personalized koozie cup!

    Koozie Cups are great for sports and prompting your favorite team. Represent at the next baseball game with you koozie cup and have your drink stay cool for the whole game. You will LOVE the reactions you get from your personalized koozies cups.

    Have fun designing you koozie cups!!!

    yellow foam koozies
    yellow foam koozies





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    Koozie Cups

  2. Birthday Koozie Cups

    June 8, 2011 by KoozieZ

    Looking for Birthday Koozie Cups ?

    KoozieZ.com offers and will continue to offer Birthday Koozie Cups at the best prices, guaranteed!

    Order your Birthday Koozie Cups now!

    Birth Day Party 🙂 It’s Party Time! and no matter what type of get together you’re having, koozies are one of the most popular party favors today!

    There was a time, not long ago, when people could not order koozies for their own events because companies selling coozies had such high minimums that most people couldn’t afford to order! Times have changed and now you can order in small quanities.

    You can even order Birthday Koozie Cups with full color images, no set up or screen fees, and a low minimum order of 12 pieces! Now everyone who is having the gang get together for any type of bash can order beautiful colorful Birthday Koozie Cups!

    There is even a service where you can order each person one with their own name and your parties date and location.

    Cellebrate Party Koozies with different flavors like :- Party Koozies for Event , Birthday party Koozies , Pool Party Koozies and many more Party Koozies are waiting for you order Now !!

  3. Personalized Koozie Cups

    June 7, 2011 by KoozieZ

    Looking for Personalized Koozie Cups?

    Personalized Koozie Cups can be found from kooziez.com at the best prices, guaranteed!

    Order your Personalized Koozie Cups now!

    Personalized koozies are great gifts.  Actually, personalized anything are great gifts.  People love personalized gifts.  When a gift has been personalized it shows two things to the recipient.  First and foremost it says, “hey – I am thinking about you.”  Secondly it says, I think you are a swell individual and I would be happy to spend money on you.

    Not many people give gifts, but everyone loves receiving gifts.  I strongly encourage people to give gifts to their friends, family, colleagues, teammates, etc.

    I love personalized gifts!  When I go to the mall to buy gifts, or shop online, I always start looking for personalized items.  A personalized koozie makes for a great gift!

    Learn more about party koozies from these hand links:- Party Koozies for Event Birthday party Koozies , Pool Party Koozies.