1. Pool Party Koozies

    May 5, 2011 by KoozieZ

    Looking for Pool Party Koozies ?

    KoozieZ.com offers Pool Party Koozies at the best prices, guaranteed! Order your Pool Party Koozies now!

    Pool Party Koozies can keep your drink cooler for during a long time without discomfort to your hands. The constantly dropping water make you inconfident in parties. Koozies always keep your hands dry and enjoy your cool drink during parties .Pool Party Koozies really are so friendly and smart things .

    Thence you can forget about carrying a cooler with your cans of beer when chatting with friends, relatives and collogues, and water dripping on your clothes.

    Cellebrate Party Koozies with different flavors like :- Party Koozies for Event , Birthday party Koozies , Pool Party Koozies and many more Party Koozies are waiting for you order Now !!

    This is especially comportable for kids who find it too chilling and slippery for their hands these small foldable holders can be easily accommodated in purses and pockets.

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  2. Birthday Party Koozies

    by KoozieZ

    Looking for Birthday Party Koozies?

     Birthday Party Koozies at the best prices, guaranteed! Order your Birthday Party Koozies now!

    `Birthdays are a perfect time for Koozies

    Birthdays are a perfect time for Koozies

    Birthday Party 🙂 It’s Party Time! and no matter what type of get together you’re having, koozies are one of the most popular party favors today!

    There was a time, not long ago, when people could not order koozies for their own events because companies selling coozies had such high minimums that most people couldn’t afford to order! Times have changed and now you can order in small quanities.

    You can even order Birthday Party Koozies with full color images, no set up or screen fees, and a low minimum order of 12 pieces! Now everyone who is having the gang get together for any type of bash can order beautiful colorful Birthday Party Koozies!

    There is even a service where you can order each person one with their own name and your parties date and location. Basically, all you do it add a ink box and give everyone a sharpie to fill-in their name.

    Celebrate Party Koozies with different koozie styles like :- Party Koozies for Event , Birthday party Koozies , Pool Party Koozies and many more Party Koozies are waiting for you order Now !!

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  3. Koozies for 50th Birthday Party

    by KoozieZ

    Looking for Koozies for 50th Birthday Party?

    Koozies For A 50th Birthday Party

    Koozies For A 50th Birthday Party

    Koozies for 50th Birthday Party, wow is there anything better. If you are planning for a surprise party for your Parents, in Laws or for anyone. Its a best option for your 50th Birthday as it is an important milestone to celebrate. Especially if it a special person from ones family like parents. There are different ways to make the party one has thrown interesting and fun to be at. People do things like a theme party or a costume party etc. Some people also try out innovative things in their menu.Now you will enjoy with Birthday party Koozies Birth Day Party Koozies

    Like serving continental, Muglai, Chinese or Mexican food etc. Event planners & party organizers have recently started experimenting with things like Koozies for 50th Birthday party. Koozies also known as a Beer Huggers or a huggie is a round cylindrical shaped cover which is used as a can holder. They are often thought to be used only as beer holders however it is not the case. Koozies for the 50th birthday party can also be used to keep other aerated & non alcoholic drinks cans cool.

    They help in keeping the users hands dry from the moisture droplets left by holding the cool drinks cans. Koozies for 50th birthday party can also be used as keepsakes; the person who gets them will always cherish some good memories looking at the koozie. They can be as good as return gifts.

    Order Now Beer Koozies .

    Order Koozies for 50th Birthday Party

  4. Custom 12 oz Can Koozies

    by KoozieZ

    Koozify you Custom Koozie

    KoozieZ.com offers 12oz can koozies. Order your custom 12 oz can koozies today.

    12 oz can koozies and friends!

    12 oz can koozies and friends!


    How Koozify your Koozie

    So you want to know how to koozify your koozie? I could tell, but…….. I have been told by my boss that if I tell you I would lose my job. The reason this is because it is our job to koozify your koozie and you just give us your ideas. we will do the rest. Koozifiing basically means that we are going to personalize and customize your koozie we just use the fantasy word koozify because it sounds great and fits our industry. I mean, most companies are able to customize or personalize your koozies, however, which one’s are able to “koozify”, just us koozieZ.com we the only ones that can do this. We can koozify your wedding koozies, birthday koozies, party koozies, neoprene koozies, bottle koozies, camouflage koozies and much, much, much more.

    Testimonial from a Kooz-a-riffic Customer:

    Hi KoozieZ.com I am one of your many kooz-a-riffic customers. I got my koozies today and the were koozified exactly how I was hoping. You took all my koozie ideas and koozified them to a T. Thank you so much for koozie service it was kooz-tastic!!!!!

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  5. Personalized 12 oz Can Koozies

    by KoozieZ

    12 oz koozies holders

    The Koozie Power

    The Koozie Power

    Koozie Conception

    Having the good fortune of working for a wonderful koozie company. We confirm that our compelling abandonment of nothing has given us the upper hand in the pursuit of competition, thus we guarantee that our 12 oz collpasible can koozies can be personalized per your cognition and intuitive thoughts. You most definitely made the right choice. When you order with us you are ordering with a company that will proceed with the up most understanding of our customer’s priorities. We know if you are seeking a 12 oz can koozie we at koozieZ.com will view this cognition from two different reasonings.

    1. the obvious, that the client wants a 12oz personalized can koozie


    2. Meto-physically descending the thought that beyond wanting the koozie for a 12oz can, but also knowing that you can use it for other things too, like water bottles, beer bottles and other unconditional forms of usage that  customers are unaware of until the experiment of the higher koozie power enters their soul. That is just how our dialectic abilities have no limits and thus we ALWAYS satisfy our clients by extending our knowledge to them, so they can understand the koozie world a little better.  Koozies will widen you views of pure reason.

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  6. 12 ounce can Koozies

    by KoozieZ

    Collapsible 12 oz Koozies

    The regualr size of a 12 oz can is 12 ounces! Order today with koozieZ.com

    12 Ounces

    12 Ounces


    Only 12oz Cans???

    If you are nervous about buying koozies and wanting to use them for something more than a 12 ounce can, have no worries koozies can be used for a lot of different can or bottle sizes.  I have the hick-ups right now and if I had a 12 ounce can sitting in a koozie I would be able to bend over and take a sip of the drink and without spilling it on myself.  I have a personalized koozies customized especially for my hick-ups.  Oh! I just want my hick-ups to go away. Wedding koozies work really well for the hick-ups too so do foam koozies, I really need to get rid of these hick-ups. Hold on please while I take a sip out of my 12 ounce can my friend just brought me. I first need to put it into my collapsible can koozie. I am just dying over here. AHHHHH! much better the koozie did it’s magic like usual and soaked up my koozies into the neoprene. Neoprene koozies are super awesome and I love how they work with my hick-ups. They are the ONLY thing that helps me!!!!!

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  7. Outdoors Koozies

    by KoozieZ

    Camping, Beach, Running, Hiking…. Koozies

    Outdoor Koozies

    Outdoor Koozies

    Koozies in the Great Outdoors:

    Oh yes! the wind is picking up and the air temperature is dropping, the wolves are howling at the moon and unknown nerve racking noises can be heard coming from every where. Does this sound familiar? If it doesn’t than maybe you just haven’t been camping or you are a professional and brought your koozie along. Koozies help you get drunk while in the woods and keep your hand warm.  It is important to get your koozies personalized. Personalized koozie work great for weddings in the woods. “Wedding in the Woods!”, you shout…. well, maybe it isn’t common but I know it has been done and was probably one of the best koozie wedding ever.  Koozie work for all outdoor activity whether it be beach, mountains, desert or whatever else. They will insulate your drink so no matter the weather around it will do it’s job and it is GREAT at doing it.

    Have koozies make your event a special day. We know how to make our clients happy and love being part of your special days that you want to keep the memory going for years to come.  We love koozies and I know you will love them too. ORDER TODAY

    Order Outdoors Koozies

  8. White Water Rafting Koozies

    by KoozieZ


    Best Way to Carry Drinks while White Water Rafting:

    Kissing Koozie rafting Buddies

    Kissing Koozie rafting Buddies

    Waters Better!

    Ok, ok I will admit it, beer is not a good thing to drink if you are planning on going white water rafting. It is very important make sure ALL your sensory skills are ready to react. Rafting can get pretty intense.  Koozies can help to ensure you don’t lose your non-alcoholic drink.   Our water bottle koozies come with a clip and secure draw string feature to ensure your drink doesn’t go rapidly down the river unless you are going with it. These water bottle koozies can be customized and personalized just the way you want them, even put your favorite white water rafting saying on it. Like my personal fav: “When the river gets tough , We paddle harder!” 

    White Water Rafting is such a fun and exciting thing to do. We at koozieZ.com like to go on company trips and one of them is white water rafting. We all have our own customized koozie for the occasion. Order today with us and we can talk for hours about our white water rafting excursions and share our stories. Hope to speak to you soon, thank you and good bye!!!!!

    Order White Water Rafting Koozies

  9. Picnic Koozies

    by KoozieZ

    Picnic Koozies

    Late Spring, Summer and Early Fall months are marvelous times of year to go on picnics! This fun, family-friendly activity is great for those of us on a budge too!  Having a large stash of koozies in your home at all times can be great for picnic planning in a pinch!  Koozies are excellent for keeping cold beverages refreshing and warm beverages the pefect temperature but can be used in other fun and exciting ways as well!



    Foam Koozies

    Foam Koozies

    Uses For Picnic Koozies

    Use customized koozies to store individual sandwich portions.  Wrap cold sandwiches in foil; help to keep them cool by placing each foil wrapped sandwich inside a koozie. Koozies are also great for cleaning up messes in a pinch.  The soft foam material that comprises most koozies can be used to absorb spilled messes before they spread all over the picnic blanket.  If you’re dining on soft grass, you’ll need something to help make sure tipsy beverages stay upright.  Classic hard foam koozies are a great solution.  Place your beverage inside the koozie and its got a nice sturdy base to be placed on soft surfaces. Create the super beverage cooler and place your bottle inside a zipper neoprene koozie then place the koozie protected beverage inside a foam can koozie.  Your bottle beverage won’t get warm or spill!


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  10. Charity Koozies

    by KoozieZ

    Looking for Charity Koozies ?

    Contact us right away for your personalized koozies applied charity and military koozie discounts!

    Kooziez.com is a USA owned and operated company and proud of it! We also strongly believe in giving back to the community that supports us; thus, a portion from each sale is donated to various charities and organizations that we support. Kooziez.com is also constantly offering free koozies and large discounts to charity organizations, fundraisers, and non-profits for their own custom koozies. So whether you call them koozies, personalized koozies, customized koozies, or custom koozies, or even whether you spell the word Koozies with a “C”; as in coozies, personalized coozies, custom coozies, or better still whether you call them – Beer Coolies – Beer Coolers – Beer Huggies – Beer Huggers – Can Coolies, or Can Koozies… know that you, the customer, by purchasing your custom koozies at Kooziez.com are always supporting your local community today for a better tomorrow!!

    Order Charity Koozies