1. Personalized Koozie

    July 3, 2011 by KoozieZ

    Get Your Koozies Personalized

    Designing custom koozies is a fun way to personazlie your party!

    All Personalized

    All Personalized

    Make Your Personalized Koozies

    Help your business and get your logo/slogan out there with personalized Koozies!  Koozies are gift that will not go unnoticed. Many people use koozies as a daily necessity, so how could any one not remember you logo/slogan if they look at every day.

    Personalized can be created in so many different ways. You take a high quality logo/slogan image and create a FULL COLOR image on a fabric koozie. Or you can create a single color ink image on a neoprene or fabric koozie. Take your time an think it through you want the koozie that will work for you.

    Send us over your logo and order details we will create the personalized koozie of your dreams as well as offer killer koozie advice on how to market with koozies and how to resell your koozies. And give great tips on color combos and koozie options. Order your Personalized Koozie Today!!!

    Personalized Koozies

  2. Best Personalized Koozies

    June 7, 2011 by KoozieZ

    Buy The Best Personalized Koozies On The Web!!!

    We at kooziez.com pride ourselves in offering the best personalized koozies, not only on the web but in the world.  But we take every aspect of our job serious.

    1.  We promise to work with out customers to design the best custom koozie for their needs.  We have 4 designers on staff at all times that offer support.  We will go back and forth with each customer 100 times if need be.  We create all proofs free and if ata nytime they are not satisfied with their design, we will happily refund their money – 100%.

    2.  All custom koozies will be delivered on time.  Many times, Koozies are needed in a matter of days not weeks.  All our deliver times are guaranteed and if they are not delivered on time the koozies are free and the money is refunded!

    3. We offer a money back guarantee once the koozies have been delivered.  If you dont like the product, dont like the design, or dont like us – we will refund 100% of your money.

  3. Beer Can Personalized Koozie

    by KoozieZ

    Personalized Beer Can Koozies From Kooziez.com


    Why should I buy personalized beer can koozies from Kooziez.com?

    People often ask why should we shop with kooziez.com when there are so many koozie company options on the web.  Frankly, that is a good question.  As one of the owners of kooziez.com, I often encourage people to shop around to look long and hard at other koozie companies on the web before deciding to shop with us.

    But below – I have detailed three reasons why you may enjoy shopping with Kooziez.com

    1.  Koozies are fun and the shopping experience with Kooziez.com is second to none.  Customized Koozies are a product that is different than say a gallon of gas – it takes a lot of back and forth with designers and sales managers.  Thus, when you shop with kooziez.com we make the experience fun and one that you will never forget.

    2.  Koozies are not cheap but we offer a best price guarantee so you can buy your koozies knowing that you are buying the lowest price koozies on the web.

    3.  Money back guarantee – need I say more.

  4. Neoprene Personalized Koozie

    by KoozieZ

    Neoprene Koozies From Kooziez.com

    Neoprene Koozies are considered by most to be the best all around koozies.

    Neoprene Koozies verse Fabric and Foam Koozies:

    Neoprene Koozies Verse Foam Koozies

    Neoprene Koozies Verse Foam Koozies

    1.  Price – Addmitedly, neoprene koozies are more expensive than fabric or foam.  The reason for this is simple, the cost to produce a neoprene koozie is more because of the neoprene material itself is more expensive.  Ever seen a cheap wetsuit?  Nevertheless, the price to print and design is the same.

    2. Quality – Neoprene is hands down the winner here.  Some people prefer foam but in reality almost everyone selects Neoprene when they line up all 3 styles of koozies next to one another.

    3.  Ease to print and design transfer – Printing is a science and somethings are impossible to print, especially in detail.  When it comes to printing in detail, most printers would tell you that Neoprene koozies are the easiest to print.


    Overall there are many styles of koozies for bottles and or cans.  In general people would say the best overall koozie is the neoprene koozie.

  5. Beer Bottle Personalized Koozie

    by KoozieZ

    The Best Beer Bottle Koozies Around

    Beer Bottle Personalized Koozie are not the koozie for anyone – they are only for the ones who want the best in their life.

    Kooziez.com likes to offer the best in everything that they do.  From customer service to product to pricing – Kooziez.com Has it all.

    What is the best beer bottle koozie?

    Beers Ready For Their Customized Koozies

    Beers Ready For Their Customized Koozies

    Truthfully, the best beer bottle koozies are the ones you like the best.  The number of koozies printed each year in the united states is well into the 10s of millions thus there are tons of koozies, koozie styles, koozie colors, and designs.

    Designs of koozies are limitless.  So frankly if you want to buy the best koozie, buy what you like – not what other people like.  There are tons of options so call today to get a free art proof and enjoy your koozie experience with kooziez.com.  Rest assured, if you do not like you beer koozies, we will return your money!

  6. Best Price Personalized Koozie

    by KoozieZ

    Best Priced Koozies On The Web Can Be Found From Kooziez.com

    How do you know you are buying the best priced koozies when you buy from Kooziez.com?

    For starters:

    1.  Shop around.  Go to the other sites, look at other companies, ask for other quotes.  Do your own custom koozies research.

    2.  If you want, call us, we will be happy to show you who the competition is, that is how confident we are in our prices.  We readily admit that we are unable to compete with koozie companies from china if people are buys thousands of koozies, but when it comes to a few hundred personalized koozies on the web – we are certain we are the best at that.

    3.  If after you buy your beer koozies from kooziez.com and you find a lower price, we will refund the difference.  We keep our word and have never broken it.  Kooziez.com will beat any price on the web!


    Beer Koozies at Kooziez.com

    Beer Koozies at Kooziez.com

  7. Personalized Koozie

    June 6, 2011 by KoozieZ

    Looking for a Personalized Koozie?

    Personalized Bottle Koozies

    Seek no further, you’ve come to the best place on the internet for Koozies! We’d like to welcome you to KoozieZ.com, here we have all kinds of styles and colors for you to choose from and create your own Personalized Koozie.  What are you waiting for? Start your order for Koozies now!

       Koozies are the perfect item for someone planning an event such as a BBQ. At BBQs people love beer and soft drinks, since it’s usually a family event, most of them bring their children to join the party. As you all know, kids love soda pops just as much as we love our beer, so why not include them in the Koozies trendy fashion? Here at KoozieZ, we have all sorts of colors and clip art images to choose from! Your kids will love eating their food, while having soft drinks with snuggly Koozies to fit them.

    Check out our Neoprene Beer Koozies, which come in two styles, the Neoprene Bottle Koozies and the Neoprene Can Koozies. Learn more about the two styles, and see which one you like best.  Either style is perfect and your family and friends will love them. Order yours now!