1. Buy Custom Coozy, Coozie Or Koozie At The Best Prices

    June 7, 2011 by KoozieZ

    Looking for Coozies?

    KoozieZ.com offers Coozies at the best prices, guaranteed! Order your Coozies now! KoozieZ offers a large variety of coozie styles, clip art and text color for your next order of Coozies.

    We also offer a variety of materialss from you to choose from. Could be neoprene, wich is the same material that divers use for their suits, Fabric and foam, wich offer the brightest colors.

    Custom Coozies

    Custom Coozies

    Coozie or Koozie are available from KooozieZ in a variety of styles, including Collapsible Fabric Coozy, Foam Coolies, Zipper Neoprene Coozies, Collapsible Neoprene Coozy and Slip-on Bottle Coozies.

    With Coozy, the sky’s the limit! This item is truly personalized… From the style to the text to the energy you want your coozie to have. You can design your personalized coozie freely and choose whatever style, font and color you wish! Coozies are the perfect personalized item for a variety of events and special occasions, including birthdays, weddings, crawfish boils and more!

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  2. Promotional Coozies

    May 18, 2011 by KoozieZ

    Looking for Promotional Coozies?

    We the people of KoozieZ.com offer koozies for promotional purposes at the best prices on the internet, guaranteed! Start your order today!

       Get your Promotional Coozies, whether you’re marketing your company or sponsoring an event, they are definitely an appealing accessory to add to your line of products! You can give them away or hand them out at your special event. Your friends and family will love them! Not only will they keep your drinks at a chilly temperature, they’ll protect your hands from getting uncomfortably cold.

    Excellent for outdoor and sporting events, you can use them for your next fishing tournament! Purchase a batch of personalized koozies for your fishing team and crew. Who knows maybe you’ll even win the tournament!

    Available in several styles and colors, you can create the perfect koozie for your customers. Use your company colors or those of the event for optimal results and max appeal. Choose your favorite font for your slogan or saying!

    Promotional Coozies Usage:

    1. Great business gift

    2. Promotional product

    3. Available in multiple colors

    These promotional koozies are available in Collapsible Fabric, Collapsible Neoprene, Zipper Neoprene, Zipper Fabric, Foam and Water Bottle styles. Don’t waste anymore time and research styles and colors to see which fit you best. Order them today!

  3. Coozies for my company

    by KoozieZ

    Looking for Coozies for my company?

    Coozies for Luna Castle

    If you’re looking for customized koozies for your company, you’ve come to the right place!

    Here at KoozieZ.com we offer the best personalized koozies on the internet at the best price, guaranteed! Design and order your own today!

    Get your personal or company logo, along with your slogan or witty saying printed on your koozies to give to your clients. Whether you’re giving them away or reselling, these are an excellent item to market and promote your company among family members and friends. Choose from a variety of styles, colors, fonts, and clip art images to create your custom koozie. Make it the perfect item for your company’s marketing tactics.

    Don’t forget to check out the different koozie styles available at KoozieZ! Learn more about Collapsible Fabric, Collapsible Neoprene, Zipper Fabric, Zipper Neoprene, Foam & Water Bottle Koozies. Get ’em today!

  4. Personalized Beer Bottle Coozies

    by KoozieZ

    Looking for Personalized Beer Bottle Coozies?

    Personalized Beer Bottle Coozies

    You’ve come to the right place! KoozieZ.com offers you Personalized Beer Bottle Coozies at the best prices! Why not order your Personalized Beer Bottle Coozies now?

    Personalized Beer Bottle Coozies are the best business gift for your Friends & Family. Secondly, they’re a clever product, an awesome gift for your business associates and clients  in order to promote your company! KoozieZ.com helps you design the best bottle coozie for your upcoming business and party events.

    The problem of cold hands while drinking has been solved, they’re easy to fold and will keep all your drinks at the right temperature.
    This material isolates and protects your drink! Say good bye to warm beer, leave it to the Germans.

    KoozieZ offers a variety of different Personalized Beer Bottle Coozie styles, including Zipper Fabric Bottle Coozies and Zipper Neoprene Bottle Coozies. Each style is unique and a great personalized item for keeping your drink refreshingly, icy cold!

  5. Collapsible Coozies

    by KoozieZ

    Looking for Collapsible Coozies?

    Collapsible Coozies

    KoozieZ.com offers Collapsible Coozies  in two styles: Collapsible Fabric & Collapsible Neoprene. Order yours now at the best prices, guaranteed!

    Collapsible Coozies are a very handy item, you can put them in your pocket or purse and take them anywhere!

       They maintain refreshments cool and keep your hands from feeling uncomfortably cold at the same time. The perfect way to identify your drink! Whether you’re enjoying a lemonade, fruity wine chiller, or a frosty brew, it prevents confusing your drink with someone else’s. Get them customizes with your own design or personal logo, and choose from a variety of colors available. Put it in your back pocket and take it everywhere with you, it’ll come in handy the next time you decide to stop for a drink.

    Find more Koozie styles: Water Bottle Coozies , Zipper Neoprene Coozies & Hard Foam Coozies.

    Coozies will come in handy almost everytime. Get ’em now!