1. Custom & Personalized Coolies

    June 5, 2011 by KoozieZ

    Looking for Coolies ?

    KoozieZ.com offers Coolies at the best prices, guaranteed! Order your Coolies now! KoozieZ offers a large variety of coolie styles, clip art and text color for your next order of Coolies. The perfect item for your event. Could be birthday party, backyard BBq, promotional event, product or service launching or any other event you have in mind. The perfect promotional item is right here and is fully customizable. Your logo, your slogan, your personalized koozies. Our prices will guarantee that you will be able to have more koozies for your event for the lowest price.

    Custom Coolies

    Custom Coolies


    Coolies are available from KooozieZ in a variety of styles, including Collapsible Fabric Coolies, Foam Coolies, Zipper Neoprene Coolies, Collapsible Neoprene Coolies and Slip-on Bottle Coolies.

    Coolies look best with white text, or any bright color, such as hot pink and lime green. The color of the text totally depends on the occasion! Coolies are the perfect personalized item for a variety of events and special occasions, including birthdays, weddings, crawfish boils and more!

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  2. Printed Coolies

    May 17, 2011 by KoozieZ

    Looking for Printed Coolies?

    KoozieZ.com offers Printed Coolies at the best prices, guaranteed! Order your Printed Coolies now!

    The Printed Coolies, these are an excellent promotional tool that is affordable and can really get the word out about your business or event. Print some and witness how your message gets spread. All your clients and friends will drink at least 25 beers using your printed coolies. And this is only the beginning. The full extent of where your coolies will end u is unknown. We have heard of coolies from Texas Ranch that end up in an office in Australi holding some pens and pencils. Imagine how many people saw this printed coolie on its way from texas trough Australia? We will never know.

    Printed Coolies

    Printed Coolies

    Coolies canbe used to hod bottles, can or water bottles. Coolies are made of neoprene, fabric or hard foam.

    The Printed Coolies are Very Beautiful Business Gift. You can use for Picnic, Pool Party, Festivals, on any other occasions. Marinas and basically anything where there are a lot of people and the need for cool drinks!

    Can Koozies are created mostly of neoprene like Neoprene Koozies or Foam like Foam Kooziez and could be firm and stackable or narrow and foldable.

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  3. Cheap Coolies

    by KoozieZ

    Looking for Cheap Coolies?

    KoozieZ.com offers Cheap Coolies at the best prices, guaranteed! Order your Cheap Coolies now!

    Include some really cool personalized beer coolies for cheap to promote yous fraternity, college sport team, event, competition or for any other project you could have. Our coolies are sold for a really cheap price so you can have more for less, as Bill Bernbach said before. So get those ideas running and send them to us so we can make amazing coolies with your project colors. Remember that our coolies are still cheap after adding the printing and design costs, so you can make as many as you want and need for your promotion.

    We have the best coolies for cheap in all three of the materials. We have neoprene coolies, hard foam coolies and fabric coolies for you to choose from. A great list of colors for your coolies combines with a long list of ink colors will match any requirement you might have for your coolies.

    Cheap beer coolies

    Cheap beer coolies

    Our coolies are a great item to promote events such as:

    • Retirement parties
    • Sales achievements
    • Project dead lines
    • Annual conventions

    Cellebrate Party Koozies with different flavors like: Party Koozies for Event, Birthday party Koozies, Pool Party Koozies and many more Party Koozies are waiting for you order Now !!

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  4. Promotional Coolies

    by KoozieZ

    Looking for Promotional Coolies?

    KoozieZ.com offers Promotional Coolies at the best prices, guaranteed! Order your Promotional Coolies now!

    Big convention coming? Miss no time and star making some promotional coolies for your business or idea. It is the best way to spread the word around. It’s going to be a blast when all your clients and prospects receive  promotional coolies with what you need to promote. Could be your maintenance service for buildings, maybe some landscaping architechture, or simplye the logo of your company. Anyways the promotional fact that you are looking for will be accomplished. Everyone will have at least 25 beers with only one f those coolies. And beleive me, these coolies last forever, thanks to the technology of the materials:

    • Neoprene promotional coolies
    • Fabric promotional coolies
    • Hard foam coolies
    Promotional coolies

    Promotional coolies

    All three promotional coolies will keep your beer cold four times longer than without a coolie. Did you know that neoprene is the same material that wet suits for divers are made of? Yes, same insolation propertys and same protection for your hand. Avoid freezing finger with our coolies! Can Koozies are created mostly of neoprene like Neoprene Koozies or Foam like Foam Kooziez and could be firm and stackable or narrow and foldable.

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  5. Coolies with my logo

    by KoozieZ

    Looking for Coolies with my logo?

    KoozieZ.com offers Coolies with my logo at the best prices, guaranteed! Order your Coolies with my logo now!

    Is that time of the year when is imperative that your business or service needs to get out there to be noticed. Coolies with your logo of slogan are perfect for this task. Imagine your company’s logo on a hand of many people enjoying a cold beer or soft drink. And it gets better! We can match your company’s colors with our extense list of ink colors. Check out also our complete list of coolies colors. We have then on neoprene, fabric and hard foam materials. Neoprene is the material that divers use to insolate themselves from the cold waters of the ocean. Hard foam is a very good material to stamp your logo on a coolie. Also you can wrap around your design if yo wish on the foam coolies. It will look just amazing!

    My logo on coolies

    My logo on coolies

    Not only you can put your company logo on a coolie, but imagine having coolies for each one of your departments or maybe coolies with the services your company offers! Your clients will be very pleased to enjoy the great services your company does for them but at the same time you keep their beer can cold and their hands warm!

    Coozies, Beer Koozies, coolies and Lots of more collection are waiting for you order Now !!

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  6. Coolies for my company

    by KoozieZ

    Looking for Coolies for my company?

    KoozieZ.com offers Coolies for my company at the best prices, guaranteed! Order your Coolies for my company now!

    Do you want a big promotion? get ready to blow your clients mind with personalized can coolies with your company’s logo or slogan stamped on them! Your clients and bosses are going to love it! Beer coolies are a very trendy product lately. People love to be able to keep their beers cold for longer periods of time and this is the best way to do that.

    Blue foam coolie

    Blue foam coolie

    Four times longer the coolies will keep your beer, and at the same time your hands will be protected from the cold of the can. This is because of the fabrics technology. You can choose coolies made out of neoprene or fabric. Also we have hard foam in which you can print all around the coolie and spread your message all over! You will never know where this coolies will end up, but make sure it have your company’s logo or slogan on it! Don’t worry about specific colors. We can match any ink color you want!

    KoozieZ offers a variety of different Custom Koozies styles, including Collapsible Can Koozies and Neoprene Beer Koozies.

    Each style is unique and a great personalized item for keeping your drink refreshingly icy cold!

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  7. Clip Art for Coolies

    by KoozieZ

    Looking for Clip Art for Coolies?

    KoozieZ.com offers Clip Art for Coolies at the best prices, guaranteed! Order your Clip Art for Coolies now!

    Check our website for some cool ideas to complete your event. Anything you can imagine we have it on our clip art galleries. Our complete list of designs will help you make your personalized coolie a success with a clever message regarding your activity. We have clip arts for weddings, bachelor parties, birthdays, charity foundation, animals, beach, college, sororities, fraternities, sports, religious, you name it! And if maybe your event is not listed, we have so great options at our miscellaneous designs where we are sure you will find some cool ideas for your coolies.

    Any of these designs are verified to look awesome on your coolies. Mix the coolies colors with the ink colors and match your event. There is no weird color combination and we make sure your coolies look amazing before getting to your hands!

    Clip arts for coolies

    Clip arts for coolies

    There are more Koozies in same category, few of them are:

    Instead of letting your hand freeze while holding a cold beer, or beverage, the foam or fabric insulation keeps your beer cold and your hand warm at the same time.

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  8. Personalized Coolies

    by KoozieZ

    Looking for Personalized Coolies?

    KoozieZ.com offers Personalized Coolies at the best prices, guaranteed! Order your Personalized Coolies now!

    Personalized Coolies are a great idea to show some love for your baseball team. Send us your favorite team logo and we will stamp it on yous selection of coolies. Could be neoprene, fabric or hard foam, each will ensure you will enjoy your beer cold until the last drop! Make no mistakes by grabbing the can or bottle with bare hands! Avoid the cold on your hand with any of our isolation fabrics.

    Want tosee your favorite team nickname on a personalized coolie? Show that you are number one fan of your favorite player!

    Few of them are:

    • Rafael Furcal: “El Enano”
    • Vladimir Guerrero: “The Impaler”
    • Roy Halladay: “Doc”
    • Ryan Braum: “The Hebrew Hammer”
    • Hanley Ramirez: “El Nino”
    • Shane Victorino: “The Energizer Bunny”
    • Aroldis Chapman: “The Cuban Missile”
    Personalized beer coolies

    Personalized beer coolies

    Some of the options to keep your brew cold are:

    They maintain refreshments cool although at the identical time period, keeping someones hand from freezing.
    The ways to identify your drink! Whether you are enjoying a lemonade, fruity wine chiller, or a frosty brew, its easy to confuse your drink with someone else.

    The problem of cold hands while drinking is solved, it is easy to fold and will keep all your drinks at the right temperature.

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  9. Personalized Beer Bottle Coolies

    May 9, 2011 by KoozieZ

    Looking for Personalized Beer Bottle Coolies?

    KoozieZ.com offers Personalized Beer Bottle Coolies at the best prices, guaranteed! Order your Personalized Beer Bottle Coolies now!

    Personalized beer coolies are a great option to stamp your company’s logo or slogan. Enhance your event with this clever item. It’s got demonstrated scientifically that people that receive a beer coolie will keep it because the amount of use they put into it. It gets even better when you have printed your party event such as pool parties, annual roasts, family reunions, etc. Personalized beer coolies works perfect for sororities who wants to how their pride. Some of the top fraternities and sororities with personalized beer coolies are:

    • Tau Kappa Epsilon
    • Sigma Phi Epsilon
    • Kappa Sigma
    • Sigma Alpha Epsilon
    • Chi Omega
    • Delta Zeta
    • Alpha Phi
    • Zeta Tau Alpha
    personalized beer bottle coolies

    personalized beer bottle coolies


    So get ready for the summer and order your personalized beer coolies right now! We have in different materials such as neoprene and fabric. Neoprene is the same material as the wet suits that diver use to protect themselves from the cold temperatures of the ocean. Both materials will keep your beer bottle cold for longer without freezing your finigers!

    Find more Personalized Koozies:

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  10. Personalized Beer Coolies

    by KoozieZ

    Looking for Personalized Beer Coolies?

    KoozieZ.com offers Personalized Beer Coolies at the best prices, guaranteed! Order your Personalized Beer Coolies now!

    Looking for an affordable way to promote your new business, existing business or acreative way to promote any idea or event? Look no further. Our personalized beer coolies are what you are looking for. At a great price you will be able to bring your message to the world. No worries for the color of your company. We have available any color that will match your project. Also, the possibilities are inmense with all the colors we can offer to match yours. Lets have a talk and let us know wh beer coolie you prefer.

    customize your coolies

    customize your coolies

    With the global warming all over the planet, is so difficult to keep your beer cold for longer. Problem solved! use our coolies and you will find yourself enjoying your beer cold or longer… Actually, until the last drop!

    Send us your logo or phrase and we will make you a mockup so you have an idea of how your coolie will look like. You are going to love it! personalize your coolies today!

    There are more personalized beer koozies –Personalized Koozies, Personalized Beer Koozies, Personalized can Koozies.

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