1. Military Koozies

    May 4, 2011 by KoozieZ

    Military Koozies

    Koozies are excellent gifts for fellow squadron members or as gifts in care packages from family members.  Welcoming home a military member who has been abroad for awhile? Hand out personalized koozies in camo at the party you’ve organized in their honor.

    bottle coolies

    bottle coolies

    Which Military Koozies Are Right For Me?

    If you’re ordering koozies for fellow squadron members, you’ll most likely want to add your squadron’s name and logo.  Don’t forget you can print on both sides of customized koozies! On the opposite side, put a quote or an inside joke that’s unique to you all.  Sending a care package abroad?  Order camo koozies with a sweet message and send them for your GI to share with his friends.  Inspiring messages on koozies or jokes are always a way to get a smile out of the person you love.  Having a celebration to welcome them home?  Fully customized koozies with a simple message like “Welcome Home John” can be a small gesture with a huge impact to boost moral.  Perhaps you’re planning a party with several other wives welcoming their husbands home?  Get together and create a fun group message to put on the beer koozies.  You can write their names on one side and have the message and a fun graphic on the other.  Or, keep things simple and create one design to be printed on koozies and t-shirts!


  2. Custom Camo Koozies

    by KoozieZ

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    Do not put your beer down in the middle of the party with this Miller Lite Camo Koozie. You just might not be able to find it. Its the koozie the military uses to hide their beer from the enemy…and sometimes their friends.